Khamul is one of the nine original nazgul under the service of the dark lord Pythas.

First Appearance

Khamul first appeared on OldCp with the rest of the nazgul under the disguise of being Kobin, a Blind Monk.


Eventually Kobin was exposed to be Khamul the Easterling when the rest of the Blind Monks were exposed as being nazgul. Khamul would then go on to join his leader Amir in carrying out attacks on civilians in the south.

Attack on the South

On November 17, 2017 Khamul assisted Amir with an attack on the south. It was very well planned and organized. The two nazgul even got a few other draconians to join them on their attack. In the end there were many civilian casualties.

The November 17 attack.

Dagor Dagorath


Unlike the rest of the nazgul, Khamul was absent during Dagor Dagorath. Where he was, no one knows. He never appeared on OldCp again. Instead, he reappeared on Penguin3D.


Eventually Khamul reappeared on Penguin3D. He carries around his own Nazgul ring called the Ring of Khamul. He is a man of few words and prefers to pace around thinking rather than talking. He can also be quick to anger when someone bothers him. He is significantly less powerful than some of the other nazgul and has not been known to grant wishes like Amir does.

King of Das

Khamul also briefly served as King of Das. He was appointed to the position by Ian, who had been overseeing Solaris owned land. Ian had wanted to replace King Ollo with Khamul, but this was short lived as Khamul ended up being demoted and Ollo kept the land.

Khamul during his brief reign as King of Das.

The Ring

Like every other nazgul, Khamul has his very own ring. It was given to him by Pythas much earlier to corrupt him and turn him into one of his very own dark servants. Khamul’s ring gives the wearer more health and force.


Khamul lost his ring one day to an angry draconian. Alatar was fed up with Khamul as Khamul wouldn’t answer Alatar inquiries or give him more power. Instead Khamul was pacing around Baraddur, looking at the pictures. As usual, Alatar’s anger would get the better of him and Alatar fought with Khamul. Khamul would lose this battle as well and his ring would be picked up by the draconian.

Alatar later lost the ring when he died in a fight with a DRAKE Military Agent.

Return of the Ring

Khamul would be without his ring for awhile but it would eventually be returned to him by Little, who had been given the ring by the DRAKE Agent. Khamul was grateful to Little for returning the ring and promised that he would soon give her a gift.

Two months later, Khamul would return and give Little the gift he had promised her. The gift was a shiny new Easterling Helmet.

Khamul meeting with Little to give her a gift for returning his ring.

It appears that Khamul may have a soft spot for the Lady of Stars as he has always been rather kind to her. Though he is still a man of few words.

Fall of Pythas

After Pythas fell defeating Ancalagon, Khamul gave up on his life and decided to move back to his homeland of Rhun. He said he was ageing and he wished to return there to live out his final days. He has not been seen since.


The Black Easterling

Aliases Kobin, Thargoh Bruinen, X2
Titles The Black Easterling, Shadow of the East, Second in Command of Nazgul
Gender Male

Species Human
Race Nazgul
Age 20000 years old