Melkorian Beasts

Melkorian Beasts are the evil beasts that Melkor created to serve him.


Only Nameless One himself can create new life forms or permit new ones to be formed. Therefore, Melkor could create nothing original. All of his beasts are corrupted forms of preexisting species. Some beings submitted themselves willingly to him, among these beings are balrogs and spiders.

Others had to be bent to his will using torturous methods, among these are vultures, crows, and many other evil species whose full histories are not known. Some hybrid races were created by blessing species with extra powers, these were often created with help from other maiar whom he seduced.


Here is a list of some of the creations of Melkor:
• Fire Drakes (created with Arien)
• Balrogs (created with Arien)
• Dragon Men (created with Arien)
Vultures (created from maiar eagles of Manwe)
• Crows (created from lesser eagles of Manwe)
• Spiders (created with Ungoliant)
• Pterodactyls
• Crocodile Men
• Snakes
• Goblins
• Uruks
• Orcs
• Vampires & Vampire Bats

Melkorian Beasts

Monsters of Morgoth

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