Arien is known of as 'The Bright Maia', the Guardian of the Sun, and the Creator of Smokeless Flames. She eventually became corrupted by Melkor and had children with him as well as created many evil fire races with him such as Balrogs and Dragons.


The Smokeless Flames

Arien was the creator of the Smokeless Flames, which was once a great power of the Forest People. She was also known of as the 'Bright Maia' as she was too bright with light for anyone to look upon as her body consisted entirely of beautiful and spectacular flames.

Arien the Bright Maia.

Seeing through Melkor

In her early days, Melkor attempted to corrupt Arien and to claim her as being his wife. He failed to do so as she refused to be corrupted and burned him in the process. After this, Arien disappeared for much time.

Into Darkness

Eventually, Arien would fall for Melkor and start to collaborate with him on creating more evil creatures, primarily those that give off a flame, such as Balrogs. For much time her betrayal of good would remain a secret until it was uncovered by Orome.

Back to Arda

Once Orome called out to Arien, who was hiding in the galaxy I-OK1, and revealed all her deceptions, she came back to Arda.

Reunited with her Son

It had long been speculated that Arien had a powerful son on Arda, but it was not completely known who it was. Her son was suspected to be Flame, whose father was speculated to be Melkor. This was confirmed when Arien returned to Arda and allowed him the last of her smokeless flames to use.

The Trial

Orome exposed every evil act she did during a trial in EarthHall. She plead innocent to her crimes and claimed that she had been forced to do these things for Pythas or she would have been killed. Orome called her out for lying and demanded she be put to death. Arien was able to get off from this trial as a feminist rally started up in her favor.


Despite being let off the trial, Orome did not stop seeking vengeance on the Lady of Smokeless Flames. He tracked her down and killed her in front of her own son on April 12, 2020 in the Inferno Hall Courtyard.


A Daughter

When Arien appeared on Penguin3D, it was revealed that she not only had a son with Melkor, but also a daughter. Her daughter turned out to be Rouge, who had already been a Lady of Fire for much time. Arien did not seem to care too much for her daughter though and tried to get her son Flame to kill her. Flame failed at killing Rouge so Arien moved on to greater things.

The Fire Empire

Arien dreamed of creating a Fire Empire with her son Flame. Her plan was to rule the Fire Empire through Flame. She spoke much to Flame about her plans from the fourth dimension. Her residence in the fourth dimension would prove to be her undoing.

Arien, plotting.


Arien eventually met her doom on Penguin3D when Gamer refused to help save her from Pythas while she was in the fourth dimension. It was there that Pythas had Arien vanquished thus ended the story of Arien once again.


Lady of Smokeless Flames

Titles Lady of Smokeless Flames, Creator of Balrogs, Maiden of Sunlight, Guardian of the Sun, Lady of Fire
Gender Female
Death April 12, 2020 InfernoHallCourtyard, Spring 2021 Penguin3D
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