Vultures are wild scavenging birds that spend most of their lives atop mountains and crags, often spending entire hours in the sky.


Vultures have a very bad reputation as being evil birds whilst eagles often get all the credit as being good birds. However, this is not true. Most vultures are good birds, assisting their eagle cousins in hunting goblins, orcs, and other Melkorian beasts.

However, some vultures have become servants of Melkor and some have even been manifested as the forms of some of Melkor's most powerful servants.


Vultures are most common in the far east and somewhat in the southeast near Cobia and the desert volcano islands in the far south. They used to be common on Das' Black City, though few vultures frequent there now since the fall of Melkor.

Good vultures tend to dwell in the far north near Ach-To, the mysterious small rocky mountainous island.

Evil Vultures

There have been many evil vultures in the history of vultures. One of the evilest vultures was Guar the Stabber. Guar was famous for bowing to Melkor 24/7. He would go out of the black city at night and hunt for forest boys and forest girls. When he spotted one, he would swoop down and stab them until they sold their soul to Melkor. Guar the Stabber has not been seen in the skies for many centuries and where he now dwells, nobody knows.

Guar the Stabber

Another wicked vulture was Rangle the Thief. He would swoop down when the Shaman was out and steal his golden antlers, bringing them to the black city for Gothmog to melt into evil golden claws for Rangle to put on his feet. Rangle was hunted down and killed by the legendary hunter Orome shortly before the banishing of Melkor. Orome still possesses Rangle's golden claws and wears them around his neck.

Rangle the Thief

The evilest vulture is Mother Vulture, an actual ancient Forest Prince rebel, she is the Mother of the Vultures. As a close friend of Shelob, she would often assist her spiders by reporting the location of the enemy back to her. She is called the Mother of the Sky and is the most feared vultures. Though she has long been absent from the skies for unknown reasons and where she dwells, nobody knows.

Mother Vulture, the Abhorrent
See: MotherVulture


Most witnessed vultures are now known to be in the service of dark women Meredith, Snowfalls, Numeniel, and even Pythas. Some offspring have turned to do good, taking on bodies of forest boys and girls, such as Loki who is a forest princess, despite being one of the only known offspring of Mother Vulture.

Vulture Clan

Vulture Clan is a clan run by Melian that worships vultures. More information can be viewed on their Wiki page.


Bird of Prey

Titles Bird, Hag, Crone, Crow, Witch
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