Manwe is the greatest in authority of all the Forest Lords and Ladies, but he is not the greatest in power.

Music of the Ainur

After Melkor wove evil into the Music of the Ainur, it was Manwe who countered it to make it once again into a beautiful and meaningful melody that was centered around collaboration and cooperation.


Manwe is son of Eru (Nameless One). He is the brother of Melkor. He is married to Varda, also known as Elbereth and Gilthoniel, who is the Lady of the Stars.

Manwe and Varda

Manwe and Varda would have a child together, a daughter named Little. They would later leave Little on Arda in the forest to protect her from Pythas.

Manwe and Varda with Little as a newborn.

Early Days of Arda

Eru had initially appointed Manwe to be the Ruler of Arda (Earth) after its formation as Manwe was the one who best understood the desires of Eru. As ruler, he was kind and compassionate, but he was also unable to stop the evil rampages of Melkor as Melkor possessed greater power than Manwe. It is said that Manwe was not concerned with his own power, rather he was more interested in creating order and goodness on Arda.

Banishing Melkor

Manwe assisted in the banishment of Melkor from Arda a total of two times, both times to different places.

To the Halls of Mandos

On Middle Earth, Manwe had two lamps called the Lamps of the Valar constructed so that they could provide light for the world. Melkor destroyed these though and so Manwe and the other Ainur (now typically referred to as Forest Lords), went to capture him. They were successful in their mission and Melkor was banished to the Halls of Mandos. Melkor was there for much time before he was allowed to attempt to get pardoned by Manwe. Being free of evil and unable to comprehend it, Manwe believed the lies of Melkor and thought he had actually reformed so he set him free.

To the Void

After Manwe graciously pardoned Melkor from his previous crimes and released him from the Halls of Mandos, he quickly returned to his old evil. As Melkor grew more powerful and spread his evil further and further, Manwe knew that he had to be defeated and decided that this time he would be cast into the void. So Manwe, Tulkas, Orome, and the elves went to the Black City in order to capture Melkor. This turned into an epic battle that lasted many days and many nights. Melkor had to call for back up of his servants to assist him in the fight. One of them came to his call but the other (Pythas) was cowardly and did not come, rather he hid instead.

After much fighting, the three Forest Lords and the elves defeated Melkor and he was cast into the void.

Manwe and Melkor before Melkor’s imprisonment in the void.

The Winds

Manwe typically communicates through the wind. He uses the wind to create beautiful music for all to hear. He seldom uses actual speech and sends other messengers to deliver his messages for him.

Love of Birds

Manwe enjoys birds, with their singing they add in to his beautiful music that he creates through the wind. It is said that Manwe is fond of all birds, but he appears to enjoy doves in particular as they are a symbol of peace. Some of his messengers are doves as well as some of his closest followers.

Another bird that is most symbolic of Manwe are eagles. Long ago, eagles were Manwe's primary messengers and would keep an eye on the happenings of Arda. His eagles were quite large, in fact they could carry off a person with great ease. Eagles have not been seen in OldCp, it is possible that they reside primarily on Ach-to or have flown to other far away lands.

Manwe and one of his loyal eagles.

Some of Manwe's eagles

Recent Times

Manwe made his presence more known in Arda once again after the death of Orome. Though he has not been seen, he has played much music for everyone to hear through the wind. Manwe is a very humble man and has not spoken directly to anyone lately, though, he has sent a couple of his own messengers to speak to people for him.

Though Manwe never mentioned it himself or even alluded to it, it was eventually revealed that he and his wife Elbereth (Varda) had had a child together, this child is Little.


Manwe died on Thursday, August 13, 2020 in Marsh Nova on Dorval. He was murdered by Miromeski and the room started turning dark.


Manwe appeared back on Penguin3D for a short time but was once again slain by Pythas sometime during the summer of 2021.


Lord of Wind

Aliases Súlimo, Mânawenûz
Titles King of Arda, Lord of Wind, King of the Valar, Elder King, Lord of the West, Lord of Aman
Gender Male
Death 8/13/20 Marsh Nova (OldCp) Summer 2021 (P3D)
Related Melkor, Varda, Little