Nessa is considered to be the least of the maiar. She is known for her speed and her great dancing abilities. Nessa is the wife of Tulkas and the sister of Orome.


In the early days of Arda, Nessa found much delight in dancing. She was quickly recognized as being the best dancer of all of the Ainur. Nessa and her maidens would spend much time dancing on the green grass in Valinor.

Nessa dancing in the ever green grass of Valinor.

Nessa also enjoyed running in the forest. When Nessa would run, the other animals would try to keep up with her but Nessa would prove to be too fast for them to keep up with, outpacing even the fastest deer.

Nessa running with the deer in the forest.


When the Ainur finished their work in the creation of Arda, Manwe held a great feast in Almaren. At this feast, Nessa wedded Tulkas. Nessa wore a great robe of flowers that was made for her by Vana. The wedding was filled with much joy and dancing. Arda was at peace for some time afterwards.

Tulkas proposing to Nessa the Swift.


Together, Nessa and Tulkas had four sons. These sons are Fable (Nyaristaz), DuneDain (Vorostaz), DuneKin (Immolastaz), Ronaldostaz, and Telkastaz. Each of their children would become great warriors.


Nessa has seldom been mentioned aside from being the mother of Fable and DuneDain. Rumor has it that Nessa is doing well in a far away galaxy. It is possible that she is currently residing in the Timeless Halls.


The Swift

Aliases Nessamelda, Liltalinta, Taelca
Titles The Swift, The Dancer
Gender Female
Related Tulkas, Fable, DuneDain, DuneKin, Telkastaz, Ronaldo