Vana was the Ainur that was responsible for preserving the youth made for all life in the world. She is the younger sister of Yavanna and the wife of Orome.


In her youth, Vana greatly enjoyed nature and had great influence over both plant and animal life. The flowers would spring up when Vana walked by them and come into bloom if she looked upon them. Even the birds would sing at the coming of Vana.

Vana in the early days of Arda.


Vana would often go out exploring into the forests where Orome often roamed. The two got to know each other well, fell in love, and got married.

Mentoring Arien

In the early days of Arda, Vana was in need to find someone to help her water the golden flowers in her garden. These flowers were very special as they were watered with the burning and bright dew from the tree of Laurelin. Arien volunteered to help Vana as the dew from the tree did not hurt her.

Vana in her garden.

Vana and Arien became well acquainted and bonded over the great joy of gardening. They would eventually lose touch when Arien became the guardian of the Sun and eventually fell into the sway of Melkor.

The Forest Kingdom

At some point, Vana and Orome would move out of Valinor and into the North where they would create a forest kingdom.

Early Forest Times

In the early days, the forest kingdom of Orome and Vana was very powerful. Their people were content. Together Vana and Orome could solve most, if not all, of the problems of their people. Most everyone living in the forest kingdom were very in tune with nature and many even were blessed with the ability to create prophecy.

Vana and Orome in their forest kingdom, Orome is wearing his golden antlers.

While in their kingdom, Vana would give birth to three children: Melody, Maria, and Raegon. The children often squabbled, Melody and Maria in particular, and Vana would try to help them resolve their feuds. Despite the bickering of the children, the forest was still at peace.

End of the Forest Kingdom

The forest kingdom of Orome and Vana would eventually come into decline after Melody would marry an incredibly handsome young man by the name of Mairon. Unlike Orome, Vana approved of the marriage, as she was glad to see her daughter happy and thought that with Melody's love Mairon would never consider returning to evil.

Vana was right for the most part, Mairon never considered returning to evil while Melody was still alive. Then one fateful night, Raegon would murder Melody, causing Mairon to return to his roots of evil. In his anger, Mairon destroyed the forest kingdom and locked Orome up in the Gold City. Vana managed to escape this fate. Exactly where Vana went is unknown.


Vana has been mentioned seldom, though Aule sought her out when the Fire Nation threat arose. It is said she refused to help in the wars.

Orome also mentioned Vana before his death and said that she was doing well. At one point Orome and Vana also ordered several hitman out to kill a Dark Forest Boy.


The Ever Young

Titles The Ever Young, Queen of Flowers, The Fair
Gender Female
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