The Grey Warrior

DuneDain is a mighty warrior and ranger. He is a Grey Forest Prince and the son of Tulkas and Nessa (two of the Forest Lord race) and the brother of Fable and Ronaldo. He inherited his great might and size from Tulkas, the Warlord Forest Lord. DuneDain appears to be fearless when faced with danger or uncertainty. He wields a mighty axe as his primary weapon. He particularly frowns upon the usage of lightsabers, deeming them to be a weak mans toy. DuneDain seldomly makes appearances in the earthly dimension, where he is today is unknown.


DuneDain often seems to act rather rashly and will attack anyone whom he thinks to be evil. Most commonly he will attack known Draconians and show little to no hesitation when doing so, which causes him to be rather careless and sometimes hurt innocent bystanders.

Beautiful ladies will often catch his eye and he has become infatuated with two women in the past, Totten and Loki. DuneDain can be a very charming man when he is trying to impress a woman. He often wrote poems and songs for Totten, which caused her to return his love for her as she often looked for him to come on OldCp. He fell in love with Totten after he saved her life from a vicious goblin attack in the early hours of the morning. He fell in love with Loki after he saw her beauty.


After disappearing on OldCp, DuneDain reappeared again on Penguin3D on March 1st, 2022. He said the last thing that he remembered from his old life on OldCp was fighting against some draconians during a war for the North. He seeks for his three brothers and desires to fight against Ancalagon.

DuneDain still wields the same mighty axe that he did on OldCp.


Grey Forest Prince

Aliases Vorostaz
Gender Male
House Astaldo
Related Tulkas, Nessa, Fable (Nyaristaz), Amildan, DuneKin (Immolastaz), Telkastaz, Ronaldo (Ronaldostaz)

Species Spirit Person
Race DuneDain
Age 36000 years old