Early Days of Arda

In the early days of Arda, Orome enjoyed hunting in the forests on middle-earth. In the forests, he would hunt down the evil creations of Melkor. In fact, the creations of Melkor feared him and would flee at the sign of his coming.

Orome was the one to discover that the elves had awoken on middle-earth and formed a great friendship with them. From Orome, the elves learned many things such as how to efficiently hunt down the evil spawns of Melkor. He would also help lead the elves who were willing to follow him to Aman during the early dark years.

Orome leading the elves to Aman.

Early Forest Days

Orome was the first Lord of the Forest. He created what we know of as being 'The Forest', such as the Forest People and their ways. Orome was known as being a kind and compassionate ruler, his people loved him dearly and he would fix all of their problems if they asked. With Orome as Lord, the Forest prospered and its people were happy.

Orome helping a young Forest Girl whose child was missing.

Orome was married to Vana, who is known as the Ever Young. Together they had three children, Maria, Melody, and Hoarmurath.

Orome and his wife, Vana

Gold City

When Orome ruled the Forest over 300 years ago, it was incredibly powerful. His kingdom was located in what is now simply referred to as The North. He even constructed a glorious city there known as Gold City, which is where all the riches were kept and the bankers resided. The riches that Gold City possessed were immense.

End of the Forest

Evil Enters

Eventually, Orome's daughter Melody would fall in love with and decide to marry a man by the name of Mairon (he was not yet going by the name of Pythas). Orome did not approve of this marriage but he did so for his daughter's sake. Orome saw through Mairon for what he really was, a man who could be tempted by evil and likely bring harm to his daughter. This was compounded one night when he had a vision of one of his children killing another one of his children. He did not know which of his children was doing which part.

Murder of his Daughter

One night, Orome's vision came true. Hoarmurath, under the combined influence of Melkor and jealousy, killed his sister Melody with a sword made of ice. Melody's death is what made Mairon become evil once again and Mairon, taking on the name of Pythas, would reign down terror on the Forest. He would search for Orome with great rage.

Locked Up

When Mairon found Orome, he locked him up in the Gold City and placed a dark seal over it so that Orome would not be able to escape. Orome would not be released from Gold City until after his grandson, Turin, was born.

Orome being locked in the Gold City by Pythas

Forest Annihilated

After Orome was free from Gold City, he found the forest to be greatly changed from what it had been. The forest was now practically destroyed. There were few forest boys or girls anywhere, the ones who still existed were in hiding or long forgotten about. The only prevalent Forest Children were his grandchildren, which are as follows: Stan, Glarthir, Gamer, Nook, and NewMexico. It was devastating to him to see how much destruction evil had caused, much of it at the hands of his own daughters, Maria and Melody.

Orome, who had a little known, yet powerful rage, hunted down his child Maria. He saw that she had become too evil and must be destroyed. So with the assistance of his grandson Gamer, he killed her. He spared Melody though as he saw that there was still good in her soul and that she could be turned back to good.

Target of Evil

The Djinn Plot

When the draconians were growing strong, Pythas gave them a mission. The mission was to make Orome become a djinn so that he would be on the same level as Pythas. To turn Orome into a djinn, the draconians would have to make him be a liar as that was said to be an evil offense and would make him lose his bur jinn form. There was little opportunity for this, and Orome, being a good and pure being, never fell for their tricks and did not become a djinn.


Eventually, Orome would be captured by the evil forces of Pythas. This time, it was two Sunderlands, Victor and Sabrina, who had captured him. They brought him to Fangsworn Hall on Dorval. LEGION told the draconians that there would be an evil celebration that night and they were brought to Fangsworn Hall via DMT (this was before Dorval was officially discovered). Once the draconians arrived, Orome was presented to him. He was forced to grant their wishes and once he had granted their wishes, they took turns torturing him.

Turin found out about the ongoing event and with great rage which made the ground shake all the way in Dorval, he came to rescue his grandfather. Orome told Gamer to kill all of the draconians. Some of the draconians fought and died, others ran but still lost their power. Orome remained hateful of those draconians for a long time.

Orome's Prophecy of the Seven

One day, before the fall of Melkor, Orome would come to the forest to tell the people of his prophecy. Orome's prophecy was that there would be seven new maiar made to help Game defeat Melkor and kill Pythas once and for all. Everyone got excited over the prospect until it was announced that the prophecy was that the seven new maiar would be formerly evil. People were shocked and thought the old man must be mistaken or senile, but neither case was true.

The prophecy of seven new formerly evil maiar would eventually become true, but not before Dagor Dagorath and they would not defeat Pythas before Nameless One left and removed everyone's immortality.

Final Days

In Orome's Final Days, he started to become more irritable and displeased with society, the true extent of his anger became well known. He called people out for not fighting against and killing evil people and even killed people in some of his fits of great rage. One notable instance of him showing his great rage occurred in the Vulture Tower on Dorval. He killed the entire room full of people, except for one person whom he deemed an "innocent bird".

On Orome's final day, he would come to the Vulture Tower. He spoke about how he wished that he could have lived longer to see the forest be restored to the power and pureness that it had once been when he had ruled it long ago. He spoke last to Turin, his grandson. Orome's final words were ''Turin, don't ever give up... remember Melody... Avenge her...''.

Like most of the other crimezone characters, Orome would come back on Penguin3D.

Return of Orome

For much time, prophecies of Orome's return were being made. Aule was the first to bring news that Orome would be coming to help fight Ancalagon.

A Sign in the Sky

The sign of Orome's return was in the sky. He appeared as an orb of light, shining brightly. The orb of light could be seen from the South, it appeared to be a star but it could be seen during the day. In his orb form, Orome blessed the forest so that it would grow back better and hopefully make it able to survive any attacks on it by Fire Nation.

The light of Orome appearing near to the sun.

Manifesting a Body

On February 11, 2022, Orome appeared in his human form. He came to the forest and handed Ice Shields to people who requested them so that they could help defend the forest from the dragons. Orome also spoke a little of his own demise and stated that he would never return to the fourth dimension again, instead he would fade away in his earthly form.

Orome speaking to both the good and evil people in the forest.


Orome was vanquished on Penguin3D on March 13, 2022. He was killed by Orbay who had the Doom Trident. Just before his vanquishment, Orome gave the tridents he had collected for the forging of the Earth Trident to Eiven. After Orome's vanquishment, Pythas avenged him and slayed Orbay in his igloo, thus reclaiming the Doom Trident.


Lord of the Forest

Aliases Rashad, Tavros, Aldaron, Araw, Arômêz, Béma, The Great Rider
Titles Lord of the Forest, The Huntsman
Gender Male
House Illuvitar
Death June 16, 2020 VultureTower Dorval (OldCp), March 13, 2022 Gondolin (Penguin3D)
Related Nessa, Vana, Melody, Snowfalls, Maria, Gamer, Nook, Glarthir, NewMexico, Stan