Nicholas Angel

Nicholas Angel is recognized as an influential person and leader of the Crime Office.

DSGHQ Agency

Nicholas Angel served as a Secret Agent for the DSGHQ Agency during OldCPv3. He was known as Agent 4 during his time in the Agency.


Nicholas Angel retired from the Agency at the end of OldCPv3, and left OldCP.


Nicholas Angel did not return to OldCP until v7.

Crime Office

On November 4th 2013, Crimezone, the Crime Office, and the rank of Detective was introduced. Nicholas Angel was given the task of selecting the first batch of detectives, who would make up the first generation of the Crime Office.

Detective Sergeant

Nicholas Angel was issued the rank of Detective Sergeant, and the task of leading the new Detectives.

Crime Zone

The biggest enemy of the Crime Office were the Blackhawks. Nicholas Angel and his team of detectives closed many cases, and exposed many Blackhawk members.


Crimezone ended and the Crime Office was disbanded. Nicholas Angel departed from OldCP.


The Crimezone and Crime Office returned to OldCP once again, along with them Nicholas Angel. Returning as a Sergeant, however under the command of Inspectors Powell and Musclebob1.

Agency Hacking

The team of Detectives worked without flaw for a few months, but in March 2014, the DSGHQ Agents and Nicholas Angel were hacked, causing OldCP to shut down for a few hours for repairs. While everything was returned to its normal state, the Detectives never returned to their flawless state.


When Rover and the Blackhawk gang returned to OldCP, their first target was Nicholas Angel. Nicholas Angel's attempt to dismantle the Blackhawks did not succeed, and Rover killed him with a firearm.

Ice Child

Nicholas Angel only returned to the DSGHQ as an Ice Child called Angolas. He granted a few prophecies and helped with some Crime Zone cases, but rarely was seen. He left with the other Ice Children after the fall of the Ice Ghosts during OldCPv10.

Nicholas Angel

Detective Sergeant

Aliases Angolas, Philip
Titles Detective Sergeant, DSGHQ Agency Affiliate
Gender Male
Death Feb. 28th 2014
Related Rover, Hashir