DSGHQ Agency

OldCP Agency

The DSGHQ Agency was first known as the OldCP Agency. The Agency used secret agency accounts to keep their operative's identities secret. At first, the Agents were called Stage Inspectors and their first task was to help with the Moderator Competitions. The standard uniform for Stage Inspectors was black skin, black suit and tie, sunglasses, and black dress shoes. Stage Inspectors had mod powers and Rank 3 on OldCP. On OldCP, Stage Inspectors appeared with no name, or they had the name 'Stage Inspector' under their sprite and with the name Stage Inspector on their player card... thus making them untraceable and secret.

Betrayal of Rover

At a Game of Mods taking place in 2013... Rover... known as Agent 3 or 0STI3, convinced other Agents to join his gang. Together, they all hijacked OldCP and banned many players (at a time when guns weren't available), and even kicked Damen off the game. Soon the effects of the betrayal were reversed and Rover was banished. The Agency disbanded for a short time after this event. There has never been an Agent 3 since this day... due to the treacherous acts of Rover.

DSGHQ Agency

When the DSGHQ was founded, the OldCP Agency was re-opened as the DSGHQ Agency. The new Agency ran and looked the same as the OldCP Agency... however they were no longer called Stage Inspectors and appeared on OldCP under the name Agent or with no name at all.

An Agent investigating the death of Rover.

Blackhawks Regime

During this time the Blackhawks were waging war against the new Empire and the Agents played big roles in the Crimezone plot.

When the Blackhawks were defeated, the names of the Agents were released for the first and last time in history. All the agents retired (aside from Agent 1) and the agency became inactive once again.

Current Day Agency

Return of Agent 2

When OldCP v9 began Agent 2 returned to the field, his first mission was to contain a leak. It was the first time in months users had seen an Agent out in the open, so they mistakenly assumed he was a criminal until it was cleared up.

For months the Agency conducted low-risk operations and it remained a two-man team and eventually, two more agents were brought into the agency.

Secret Guards

Over time, the Agency became more and more involved with daily life in the empire. Their names on OldCP changed from Agents to Guards. For the first time... agents were permitted to make conversation with users and were given the choice of five uniforms. The Secret Guards gave themselves names, there are currently 7 full-time Agents: the lower the number the earlier the agent was hired.

A Secret Guard in one of the standard uniforms.

Developing New Weapons

Firearms have been used by the Agency since they were invented... but they were becoming too common to be used effectively. Therefore, the agency began developing new weapons. The first new weapon was called the Rapidfire (or Ak-47), which could shoot multiple bullets per minute, killing targets before they could retaliate or defend themselves. The Agency also developed Grenades, which they only use when absolutely necessary, due to their long-range of attack.

War of the Djinns

The Agency joined the War Alliance and battled against Mickey and the resistance/blackhawks.

A Guard battling against members of the resistance.

DSGHQ Guards joined the imperial command during a meeting with LORDMALVON.

New name

At the end of the War of Djinns, the agent's name on OldCP was changed to DSGHQ with the subtitle Agency.


The DSGHQ Agency was later divided into two units, the American Unit and British Unit. The move to these subgroups allows the Agency to operate more smoothly and effectively.

British Unit

- Wears Uniform 1.
- Operates during British timezone daytime.
- Commanders are Rex and Mitty.

American Unit

- Wears Uniforms 2-5.
- Operates during American timezones daytime.
- Commander is Leon.

Current Agency Affiliates

- Mitty [Director, formerly known as Agent 1] [British Commander]
- Leon

[American Commander]
- Rex [British Commander]
- Charles [American Unit]
- Dwayne [American Unit]
- Will [British Unit]
- Todd [American Unit]
- Andy [American Unit]
- Kylie [American Unit]
- Sophia [American Unit]

Known Former Agency Affiliates

- Nicholas Angel
- Rover
- Musclebob1
- CPManiac
- PenguinDSC
- Sunwolf
- Cysero
- Bailey

DSGHQ Agency

Secret Agency

Location OldCP.biz