Private Chambers Mod War of 2020

Events Leading up to the War

Lush Resigns Queen of Das

Lush was the Queen of Das for much time. One day in January of 2020, she decided to step down from the rank. She named Rouge as her successor. This was not well received by one particular individual.

Emperor Sriram Drake DISAPPROVES

Emperor Sriram Drake disapproved of Rouge inheriting Queen of Das from Lush. During a session, he refused Lush's request to pass Queen along to Rouge and tried to name Milan as the king of the island. This angered a great number of people and the citizens tried to talk Emperor Sriram out of his decision.

Attempted Peace Talk

Emperor Helper Sled and the mods brought Emperor Sriram into Private Chambers to try to talk him out of his bad decision. It did not go well and he was adamant that Rouge would not be getting Queen of Das and that he would be giving it to Milan instead.

War Breaks Out!

In a surprising turn of events, someone attacked the Emperor with a flamethrower! Emperor Sriram logged off before he could be burned to death. There was much chaos and confusion in Private Chambers. Lloyd, who was Wise Moth at the time, exclaimed that Achilles had attacked the Emperor! Achilles then attacked Lush, further leading people to believe that he had tried to assassinate the Emperor. Then Loki attacked Achilles!

War Ends

iBlue, the Warlord, ordered everyone to stop attacking! Achilles logged off. The staff team agreed that Achilles should be demoted for attacking the Emperor.

After viewing cinema evidence, everyone realized that it was Lush who had attacked Emperor Sriram, and so she ended up getting demoted.

Casualties of War

No one died during the Private Chambers Mod War of 2020, but there were some damages done. They are listed as follows
  • Pacific suffered a stroke.
  • JacobG was wounded in the crossfire of Lush trying to flame grill Emperor Sriram.
  • Emperor Sriram's pride was hurt.
  • A bench was destroyed beyond repair.

Mission Accomplished

While the war was short, it did achieve great results, Rouge became Queen of Das.

Motion Picture of the War

A movie was made based off of the war. It can be viewed in the gif below.

Private Chambers Mod War of 2020

Mod War of 2020

Date 19th January 2020
Location Private Chambers
Hosted By Emperor Sriram Drake
Ended 5 minutes after it began
Winner Moderators