First Appearance

His first alias was elfboy123 and appleboy123. He joined OldCP in 2013 as elfboy123, and Forums in 2015 as elfboy123, too. Later, he decided to make the account appleboy123 because he thought he died by ice ghosts. He quit because he got bored of OldCP.

After rejoining

He logged on one day and made the account, iBlue. He played for a bit until OldCP was accidentally deleted.
He obtained the ID of 895 and talked to a lot of his friends.
He then left again because was visiting for only one week.
When he came back, all of his friends were happy to see him, but people were chaotic.
He heard news about the Dorval war and war knights.
He was trying to become multiple ranks such as Moderator and Knight, but he couldn’t get Moderator, so he gave up. He asked cristal if he could be trained for knight and she said sure. She got Paradise to train him. In the middle of his training, Jack -who was Emperor Helper- was picking war knights. He picked iBlue to be one of them. Then, he was super excited because he got his first saber: The Saber Axe. It was, and still is, his favorite saber.
They got into squads and he was very excited, as they were sailing to Dorval. They all lined up with FF on the right and squads A, B, C, and D in that order from right to left.


One day during the Dorval war, Drogoth came.
He was facing him head to head in shipwrights.
He was super scared, he thought he was a powerful Balrog because he had never seen a Balrog yet.
He didn’t die, luckily, and a couple of weeks later, Sg and Flame had won.
He obtained Knight straight after the war because Cristal thought he did very well.
A couple of months later, he got Knight-Captain of Dorval, then Free Fighter, then Knight-Captain of Dorval back again since he liked being a leader. He became a Detective, then a wizard, then a Penguin 3D Moderator, then North Warlord, which is what he is today, as well as Detective and Penguin 3D Moderator. He became mostly fighting ranks, as fighting was most special to him. Today he is also a forest boy because Nook gave it to him; Nook thought he was worthy enough.



Lord Commander

Aliases iBlue, elfboy123, appleboy123, saveiblue, iblueisdead, pancakebro
Titles Forest Boy
Gender Male
House House Solaris
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