Sled is known for winning her role of Moderator on Snaildom in the Autumn 2014 Game Of Mods.


Sled first joined the DSGHQ community on November 26th, 2013. Since then, Sled has been making positive posts around the community in an effort to connect with everyone socially.

Imperial Knight

Sled's first rank was Imperial Knight. After being trained by Tennis on Snaildom, Cyberwolf promoted Sled to Imperial Knight to help protect the royals. Today, she is still known to be an Administrator on the forums but is better known as a Moderator on OldCP.


Sled joined Snaildom on its second day of release to the public. Shortly after it's release, Sled was trained to become an imperial knight and was eventually promoted to one. Sled worked hard with the rest of the imperial knights to protect the royals of Snaildom.

Game of Mods Autumn 2014

On October 11th, 2014, the first Session of the Game of Mods Autumn 2014 had begun on Snaildom, and Sled joined Team Knights, which would be known as the underdog team after being the first team to be eliminated from the competition.

After Team Knights were eliminated from the competition, Sled joined Team Crime Solvers. The Crime Solvers were known to be a very good team in the competition when they grabbed several points making them have a major lead. Throughout the rest of the competition, Sled participated in several stages with the Crime Solvers.

In the end, the Crime Solvers were announced as the winning team of the Game of Mods, and Sled was announced as the winner.


When OldCPv10 was released, Sled was known as a regular user in the game.


In an effort to get rid of less active moderators and hire more active moderators, Cyberwolf promoted Sled to moderator.

War of Damensday

During the War of Damensday, Sled was on Team Zeta to complete Operation EndGame, an operation that would stop the Ice Ghosts from attacking the empire. Sled's role was to protect the users of the empire who were evacuated inside the Mine. During this time, Sled was equipped with a fire sword.


Sled was demoted from Moderator and Royal Jester on the day of the first user vote when she was selected for demotion due to her inactivity. She was later promoted to an Imperial Knight but still wishes to regain the former positions she loved so much


After serving as a War Knight in the war against Mickey as a leader of a squad, Sled gained back her rank of Moderator on OldCP.

Forums Administrator

Sled became a forums administrator in 2019 and remains the most active administrator on the forums to this day. She was previously a moderator for a long time.

Emperor Helper

After Brit stepped down from Emperor Helper, Sled became the next emperor helper on January 17th at the Royal Ball. Shortly after becoming Emperor Helper, Emperor Damen was murdered. Sled then served as Emperor Romeo Drake & Emperor Wilfred Drake's emperor helper, until they too were murdered. Sled currently serves as Empress Helper under Empress Raindrop Drake & the regents, Emperor Regent Damen and Empress Regent Chelsey.


Empress Helper

Aliases Mother, Pastor Sled
Titles Emperor Helper, Forums Administrator
Gender Female
Birthday 9th July 1998
House Crime Solvers
Related Tommo, Swirlie, Nook (adopted)