Royal Wedding of Prince Archie

The first-ever DSGHQ Royal wedding took place on the 13th of June 2014, when Prince Archie married Princess Raindrop.


As you can imagine, a lot of preparation took place before the wedding. The schedule had to be planned, and the roles had to be picked. Here is a list of what roles people had:

Preist: Grand Most Wise Jacobg
Best Man: Tennis
Groomsmen: Toby & Hashir (known as Minty at the time)
Bridesmaids: Mistywolf

Originally, the wedding was scheduled for the 6th. However, the Prince wouldn't have been able to turn up to that date and it had to be re-scheduled.

Main Service

The first part that took place was the service, where the two were to get married. Some waited for hours to get in and witness the historical event, however only a maximum of 40 was allowed in to reduce lag.

These famous words were said when the service was taking place:
Do you take Raindrop to be your wife?
Gratefully, Archie then answered:
I do

The main ceremony took place in the House of Thrones on OldCP.

Royal Party

Night Club

Right after Archie and Raindrop were successfully married, a huge party was held at the Night Club. Many turned up to join in the fun and to congratulate both the royals on their marriage. This party lasted for about 20 minutes.

Royal Courtyard

After the party in the Night Club, everybody moved on to the Royal Courtyard. The area was decorated fabulously for the occasion. This last party lasted for another 15 - 20 minutes until the first royal wedding was over. The beautiful moment had gone down into history, the wedding was a thrilling success!

Wedding Video

Champion of Game of Mods, Chex, uploaded a video of the wedding of the two.

Royal Wedding of Prince Archie

Date 13 June, 2014 3PM
Location House of Thrones, OldCP
Hosted By Damen Spike and Grand Most Wise Jacobg627
Ended 13th June, 2014 9:30PM