Raindrop is one of Damen Drake Spike's sisters. She joined the DamenSpike GAMES HQ on the 17th of October 2013. She inherited her role as Princess, the 4th in line for Empress.


Princess Raindrop was shown kindness and respect by the community. She became friends with Sadie, Cherry123, and later on, met more friends.


Best Friends

Sadie is one of Raindrop's best friends. They talk together on the forum as friends.
Another best friend is Archie, the Prince. They both married on OldCP on June 14th, 2014. See Archie Royal Wedding.


Her friends from the DSGHQ are Jake01, Adawg, Sofie, Kara, Chelsey, Sadie, Mike96, Ariana, Tennis, Gamer, and much more!


Raindrop has no enemies!

Favourite Things

Raindrop loves things like.

Favourite Food

Raindrop has lots of favorite foods, some of them are Burgers, Chips, Pizza, and Curry.

Favourite Films

Raindrop's latest favorite film is Frozen. She also likes Alvin and the Chipmunks, War of the Worlds, and more.

Favourite Color

Raindrop's favourite color is Purple and Blue.

Favourite Games

Raindrop's favourite games are Minecraft, Snaildom, and OldCP.


Raindrop's family on the DSGHQ is all Royal. Her brothers Damen Spike and Mikomi together held the most powerful positions of the DSGHQ in the past and her sister GUGU is a Princess too.

Royal Wedding

Raindrop was married to Archie, who then became the Prince of the DSGHQ after marriage.


Grand Most Wise Jacobg627 was the Priest at the Wedding. He said the famous words:
Do you take Raindrop to be your wife?
Archie then gratefully said
I do


The Wedding was held at the Throne Room of OldCP. Many gathered in the Throne Room and watched the beautiful moment pass into history.

Before the wedding began, there was a long wait a the Courtyard. Some penguins got so impatient.


After they got married, Raindrop and Archie had a Royal Party at the Courtyard which was decorated beautifully for the occasion.


The Wedding was on the 14th of June 2014.



Titles Princess of DSGHQ, Former Empress Regent
Gender Female
Birthday 24th July 2004
House Drake
Related Damen Drake Spike, GUGU, Chelsey, Sofie