War Commando

War Commando is the a group of elite soliders who worked to defend the DSGHQ empire during the Second Disney war. War Commando worked with the Imperial Military, Crime Office and DSGHQ Agency.


War Commando was founded on August 17th 2015 after Mickey's agents launched a major attack on OldCP. Cheep was named President and Commander. Hashir was named Vice President, Bob was named Vice President Helper and Jacobg627 was named Vice President Helper Helper.

New President

After the Blackhawks attacked the Plaza and bombed the town, Preisdent Cheep was killed. Hashir was named the new president of War Commando.

War Knights

Moderators and Knights were removed and War Knights were introduced. War Knights and those who fight in War Commando against Mickey. War Knights have a gun and sword.


After a month of ruthless fighting and the bodies of countless War Knights and Blackhawks, the empire defeated the Blackhawks and War Commando was dispersed.

War Commando


Date August 17th 2015 - Present
Ended September 18th 2015