Flame first started playing OldCP under the name of EmperorFlame in 2017. He was very nooby seeming and was noted for wearing a suit, tie, and a red baseball cap. He learned about the game's crimezone and became interested in becoming part of it. During this time, the draconians were a large group and were gaining many recruits. Flame was recruited into the Draconian Order by Alatar. He quickly became a powerful member as he was good at fighting and spirits like LEGION would contact him somewhat regularly.

Popularity wise, Flame would eventually become a well respected and well-liked member within the DSGHQ community. He had many friends and a great sense of humor. Though sometimes, he could also get very heated when provoked or if something he highly disagreed with happened.

The Great Fighter

Black Assassin

Since Flame was a great fighter and had killed many people, he became known as a Black Assassin. At this time, there was speculation that he may be the son of Indur, a Nazgul who carried out many assassinations for Pythas. During many wars, Flame would come close to killing Pythas' son, Accal, despite Accal having far superior health to Flame.

Torturing Orome

Flame was also one of the draconians who participated in the torturing of Orome in Fangsworn Hall on Dorval. When the party was eventually raided by Gamer, Flame fought against him. He was the only draconian in attendance who did not end up getting killed. After the battle though, he lost everything that his account had possessed before the raid.


Due to his great fighting skills, Flame would earn the rank of Warlord twice. Each time, he would swear his loyalty to the empire, and each time he would be caught still being evil and worshipping Pythas or conspiring against the Empire.



One day Orlock decided that he wanted another son and since Flame had not had any family revealed to him from crimezone, he adopted him. It was a good choice as they were both evils. Through this adoption, Flame would have two siblings: Loki the witch, and Chase the moth. Still, this did not stop Flame from seeing his real parents as he figured one must be out there for him.

Speculated Family

The person Flame mainly thought was his father was Indur, the Nazgul who was Pythas' best assassin. His reasoning was that they were both evil and Flame had exceptionally good kill records and amazing fighting abilities. This did not pan out though.

Founding Solaris

One day Flame would create his own religion which would eventually become a house. This idea was Solaris. Originally founded as a joke, the point of being part of Solaris was to worship Arien, maia, and Creator of Smokeless Flames. Basically, it was the equivalent of sun worshiping.

For Flame, Arien would become more than just a person to worship for laughs, eventually, he would figure out that he had a much greater connection to the Bright Maia than just that.

Eventually, Solaris would become a somewhat powerful house. It gained many members such as Brit and Lyss, who were Ladies of Solaris.

Dagor Dagorath

The Prophecy

Before Dagor Dagorath, Flame had turned good. This time it was for real. He had heard the famous prophecy that Orome had delivered in the forest about seven former servants of Pythas becoming good and becoming maiar in order to defeat the Dark Lord. Flame really wanted to fulfill this prophecy, especially the part of vanquishing Pythas. So to ensure his spot, Flame became Gamer's, right-hand man.

The Battle

When Dagor Dagorath finally arrived, Flame was ready for all that it was supposed to entail. He helped fight Pythas' Nazgul with much courage and enthusiasm. He was excited at the idea of being one of the seven Maiar as well as defeating Pythas and he intended to be sure that he earned it. Sadly, neither of those things came true for anyone that day. Flame was disappointed, as was everyone else who expected that they were going to become a maia.

The New Era

During the summer of 2018, OldCp would become dead due to the arise of iOldCp, a trashy knock-off of OldCp. Gamer became passionate about saving OldCp and so to help save it, he decided to fulfill the Seven Maiar Prophecy. One of the new seven maiar was Flame. This renewed Flame's sense of purpose, that he must fight off the evil and vanquish Pythas once and for all.

Fall of the Maiar

Eventually, the Maiar would be eliminated with the leaving of Nameless One. Flame gained no rank or authority from the departure of Nameless One. Yet, he did not lose anything from it either other than immortality, but Flame was always good at evading death.

Lady of Smokeless Flames

After Nameless One left, all of the Ainur and the Maiar lost their immortality and started to show up on OldCp. Arien was the first to show up, as Orome was seeking revenge on her for being evil. When she finally came, she revealed that she was Flame's mother and that Flame was the son of her and Melkor. It was then that Flame was deemed to be a 'Flamemaster', a being of a pure and powerful fire.

Sadly, he did not get to spend much time with his mother as she was cruelly killed by the followers of Orome. It was then that he turned grey and fought for neither good nor evil.

Ambition Outside of Crimezone

Flame was a very ambitious man. He saw himself as being a leader, and he would eventually become one (outside from being Lord of Solaris).

I'm a Penguin Get me out of Here

Flame was one of the contestants on the first edition of I'm a Penguin, Get Me out of Here! He did not win but he did put on a good show.

The North

One of Flame's favorite lands was the North as it is a large and powerful land to rule over. Damen had handed the land to Wilf after Dagor Dagorath and Flame became dissatisfied with Wilf's lack of motivation to do anything with his rule. So he decided to overthrow Wilf and liberate the North.

He was successful in his liberation attempt and became King. He ruled over the North for much time until he eventually handed it off to Brit.

Expanding Solaris

Flame eventually bought a military for his house Solaris. They became an ally of many lands. They assisted Rouge in many Das wars. They also made a deal with Orlock for part of Dorval to become Solaris land in exchange for new rooms on Dorval to be made, thus expanding Solaris' territory. They also built a little known fort on Providence.

Emperor Flame

Hostile Takeover

Eventually on Penguin3D, Flame's ambitions would grow and his dreams would come true. He saw his chance when Pythas warred the South and won. Pythas made Flame the Emperor Regent in his place. Eventually Flame would somehow usurp Pythas and become the Emperor himself. Then he started expanding Solaris even further until they owned just about every land in the game except for Cobia and Axel.

Stepping Down

Flame eventually became inactive and decided to step down from Emperor. He gave the rank to his sister Rouge.


Lord of Solaris

Aliases Fl4me, EmperorFlame, Ventidius
Titles Emperor, Flamemaster, Lord of Solaris, Black Assassin, Former King of the North, Former Top Dogg, Former Warlord (x 2)
Gender Male
House Solaris
Related Arien, Melkor, Loki, Orlock, Khal