The Beginning

In early June 2014, Saber was playing with her friends on New Club Penguin and she got really bored. So, she went on YouTube and randomly typed in oldcp and found videos about this site. She registered on this site with the account saber574 and so did her friends. She really loved OldCP and continued to play every day and make new friends.


In early July 2014, Saber was at the Town and she spotted a user named Chex advertising her team for the Mod Comp which was called Wizards. She was very interested and curious, so she decided to join. When she joined, she met a lot of new people and instantly became friends with them. Saber really started to feel welcomed in the game. When it was time for the mod comp, Saber was really excited but also very curious to see what would happen and what it would be like. In the end, it turned out that the Wizards won and Chex became the next new Moderator!


In early August 2014, Chex had to choose a new leader because she was a Moderator, and mods can't compete in competitions. So, she chose Harry to lead. During the practices, Harry saw potential in Saber and one day, he made her the co-leader of the team. Saber was really happy about this.


In early September 2014, Harry decided to quit so that meant that Chex had to choose a new leader once again. This time, she picked Saber and Jesse.
Saber was very happy and very excited to hear this. She couldn't wait to start training with the Wizards!

OldCP Closes

In late September 2014, it was time for OldCP to shut down. Saber was really sad but also very happy because a new game was going to come out. That new game was called Snaildom.

The Beginning of Snaildom

In early October 2014, Snaildom opened to the public. Saber was really excited to play this new game and registered as fast as she could with the account Saber574 and the ID of 490.

Getting Involved With The CrimeOffice

In early November 2014, the Detectives found a Cipher at the Party Treehouse. The next morning, Saber woke up and found out that it was missing, so she told Hashir and he gave her Detective Apprentice, which Saber did not expect. DanceBear was her Apprentice and she couldn't wait for more!


In late December 2014, all of the Detective Moderators were removed and we had very few Detectives. So, Hashir made Saber a Detective along with Ollo. Saber was really excited and couldn't stop smiling for a few hours or so.

Detectives Removed

In early February 2015, Detectives were removed because there was no crime going on at all. Saber was very sad to hear this and she frequently hoped that they would be back in the future.


A few days after all the Detectives were removed, Saber was recommended by Sam to be a Banker, and Saber was promoted to a Banker. Saber was pretty thrilled and she enjoyed her job a lot.


2 weeks after she became Banker, all the Bankers were demoted and new ones replaced them. Saber was okay with this and continued to aim for other ranks.

OldCP Moderator

In mid-March 2015, Saber was promoted to an OldCP Moderator after being recommended by various users and staff members. Saber was really excited to finally help the DSGHQ by moderating it.

News Reporter

In mid-June 2015, Saber decided to make a News Report. It turned out to be a huge success and to her surprise, she was promoted to News Reporter. Saber was really excited because she loved making news reports!

Detectives Return!

In early July 2015, Detectives returned because crime started up again and Saber was re-promoted to a Detective. Saber couldn't calm down for the next few days and she was really excited to take part in investigations and help out in wars.

Entrusted With A Firearm

Around the same time, all the Detectives were given a firearm. Saber began training and she wasn't that bad with a firearm. In late July 2015, when Mickey's agents shot some people at the Book Room and Saber killed all of them. Turns out, they were the only remaining armed agents. She did not know this and to her surprise, she became a target to the Blackhawks. Saber was not exactly looking forward to this but she knew as long as she had her weapon she would be safe.

Professional Soccer Player

In mid-August 2015, Damenball Tryouts for the Professional Soccer Teams Stags and Drake and Saber thought she would play, so she did. On the last day of tryouts during the results of who gets to be on the team, Saber was chosen as one of them. Saber was surprised and very confused. Damen had asked her which team she wanted to be on and she said Stags.

War Commando

In late August 2015, Mickey declared war on OldCP. To keep the Moderators safe, Saber and the rest of the Moderators were demoted just for the war. Saber still was a Detective and was chosen to be on Team Elite for the War Commando Triple Teams. She was always on to patrol from 9-4 and she had fun doing her job as well but at times, it could get frustrating for her. Then, Saber, Terry, Sled, and Cheep were made the Moderators. There was only one time Saber died in the war was on the last day, she died fighting the Mountain on September 18th, 2015.

Resigning from News Reporter

After a while, Saber found that it became hard to write her news reports so she resigned because she simply could not make any more long news reports. They took too much time to make.

Earning Master

In early November 2015, Saber was given the rank Master by Sadie. She was very excited and could not believe her wish came true. She still remains as a Master until this day.

Snaildom Knight

In late February 2016, SnailDom had returned and Cyberwolf was looking for Knights on SnailDom. To Saber's surprise, she had become one and became very interested in knighthood once again.


In late March 2016, Saber decided to quit for personal reasons, but little did everyone know that she would make a return sometime in May 2020.

Saber's Return

In the middle of May 2020, Saber decided to make a return to the DSGHQ Community, and relive the nostalgia and the great memories made here in the community. She quickly got involved and returned to her glory days as a Detective under Detective Inspector Hashir and Detective Sergeant Bakon.

Saber's Involvement in Crimezone

On May 31st, 2020, Saber was given the name "Saberai" by Orome and entrusted to be Lady of Interstellar Law, this meant that she would be responsible for trialing Pythas and bringing justice to OldCP for the horrible crimes he's committed. Saber also became a prophet of Orome, shortly before he died.

Game Host

In mid-June, there was a vacancy open for Game Host. Saber loved going to Baffed's game nights and thought it would be fun to host her own, so she decided to apply, and to her surprise, she was promoted by Game Master Layla! Saber still frequently does Game Nights and is currently running Weekly Costume Contests for big prizes of gold!

Return to Detective Sergeant

In mid-July of 2020, Saber was chosen for the role, once again, of Detective Sergeant after Former Detective Inspector Hashir resigned. Bakon took the role of Detective Inspector as well.

Princess of Cobia

On the same day Saber got Detective Sergeant, she was also given Princess of Cobia by King Tommo of Cobia, along with IndigoPalace.

Trialing Pythas

After the death of Manwe, Saber trialed Pythas and declared him guilty of all charges.

Detective Inspector

Around the same time as the trial, Bakon resigned and Saber was given Detective Inspector.

The Death of Pythas

After Little "lagged out", Pythas was confronted by many of the forest people. He declared that no man could kill him, and no man did kill him. Pythas met his ultimate demise to Saber, a woman. He did not put up a fight as he was in so much disbelief that he could actually be killed. The 'Great Deceiver' had been deceived.

Queen of The Universe

After Saber had fulfilled the wish of Nameless One, to bring Pythas to his end, she was given Lady of Space and Queen of the Universe.


Forest Girl

Aliases Saberai, Saber
Titles Detective Inspector, Lady of Space, Queen of the Universe, OldCP Moderator, Sister of a New Era, Former Lady of Interstellar Law, Former Prophet of Orome, Former News Reporter, Former Imperial Knight
Gender Female
House Kacket
Death too many times to count
Related Little, Rainberry, Manwe, Orome, Varda