Abushekaus is the Community Manager of the DamenSpike GAMES HQ.


Abushekaus joined OldCP in June of 2015 as Dwiamer1. He didn't find interest in the game until he learned you could become a knight and obtain a sword, which he admired because he thought the introduction of weaponry in Club Penguin was very necessary. One of his first friends was Salsa, who convinced him to stay on the game for a few weeks. Eventually, Abushekaus created a forum account under the same alias. This is where he began to gain interest in community politics.

In August of 2015, during the Second Disney War, Abushekaus was made a War Knight by then Commander Hashir. For his efforts in the war, he was knighted in the name of the Emperor in September of 2015.

Abushekaus became a moderator in October of 2015. Sir Cysero Septim resigned from Knight Captain, and thus Abushekaus was named Knight Captain. His command lasted for 15 days. Abushekaus was demoted on Halloween 2015 for aiming his sword towards Princess IceeSofie and threatening her. He was executed and rank banned for 1 month.

On November 24th, 2015, Abushekaus was repromoted to Imperial Knight and Detective. 1 month later he was able to earn moderator back.

In January 2016, Abushekaus was made a member of the OldCP Agency under the alias Frank. He remained with the agency until it was disbanded months later.


OldCP was shut down temporarily in February of 2016 when Snaildom was brought back online in an attempt to gain popularity. Damen took hiatus from the DSGHQ leading CyberWolf to take command. Many users did not appreciate CyberWolf's reign and rebelled. Abushekaus attempted to assassinate Princess Malorie in his igloo. Afterward, he was demoted and killed. Abushekaus began to work for Wheeler on his new CPPS, RetroPenguin. RetroPenguin gained popularity quickly and Damen bought the server from Wheeler. Due to Wheeler and Abushekaus' efforts, Damen made them both Administrators of the DSGHQ.

While administrator, Abushekaus has been the Detective Inspector (2017), Warden of the North (2017), and Community manager (2017 - present).


Retired Administrator

Aliases Dwiamer1
Titles Community Manager, Lord Ren
Gender Male
House Ren
Related Dancebear