Draconians are an ancient faction of evil that stands against The Forest.


Pythas is considered to be the founder of the draconians. It was he who lived on after Melkor was chained in the void and corrupted elves and men into his service. It was he who constructed the evil fortress known as Baraddur. For many ages Pythas recruited animals and people alike to serve him and stand against the tyranny of The Forest.


All draconians are corrupt beings and many did not turn to evil on their own accord. Rather, they were either seduced and enticed by promises of power or they were raised to be evil.

To become evil, a user must simply say, "I sell my soul to (evil entity)."

Nursery of Doom

In Baraddur, there was once located a great nursery called the Nursery of Doom. The nursery housed children who had been abducted for various reasons. Some of the children were political prisoners, the sons and daughters of high ranking officials. A few of the children were actual orphans. And others were just those who had been captured and enslaved.

No matter the reason that a child was in the nursery, they were taught to be evil and brought up as draconians. They were fed anti-forest propaganda and read about the glory of Melkor from the Black Bible. Being children, they knew no better and believed what they were being taught, most of them were irredeemably evil when they grew up.


Pythas was also very efficient at corrupting people. He would promise them power and glory and whatever else they may desire, the only cost was their soul. Pythas, being incredibly attractive, was even able to corrupt a number of women with his flirtatious advances.

A number of draconians were forest people that Pythas had seduced one way or another…

Corrupted People

There are a number of species that are naturally evil and are referred to as corrupted peoples. Some of the corrupted people include orcs, gobhelins, and uruks. All of which are thought to have been created from elves who were tortured in the depths of Angband.

There are also many Melkorian Beasts that are faithful evil followers. These include vultures, crows, spiders, fire drakes, and more. While Melkorian creations tend to be evil, some of them have turned their loyalties to elsewhere than the draconians and have created their own evil factions (e.g. Fire Nation).

For a more extensive list of Melkorian Beasts, view the wiki of Melkor.

Evil Texts

There have been a great number of books published that cover evil history and draconian beliefs. These include writings such as the Reptillian Text, Bible of Legion, and most importantly, The Black Bible.

The Black Bible

The Black Bible is a spiritual work that idolizes Melkor. It discusses much of his great works, such as creating the Melkorian Beasts, his struggles against the oppressing and restrictive nature of Manwe, great battles that he has won, and great schemes that he pulled off against the Valar, such as the destruction of the Two Tress of Valinor.

The Bible of Legion

The Bible of Legion is a great text which gives some of the background on the beginnings of the Black Church. Though the Bible of Legion was meant to convert draconians into worshiping the LEGION rather than Pythas.

The Reptilian Text

The Reptilian Text gives and extensive history on the events leading up to Pythas’ return to evil before he created and started leading the draconian society.

The Black Church

The Black Church was a very popular spiritual organization with the draconians in 2017. Its two most prestigious ranks were Pope and Cardinal, which were held by Dragon and Orlock respectively.

The draconians often held rituals where they worshiped Pythas and were granted wishes in return for their loyalty. The draconains would stand in a triangle formation and lift their arms to the sky to show their admiration for Pythas and their dedication to the plight of evil.

Over time, the Black Church died out and became obsolete.

Death of Pythas

Once Pythas died, the leadership of the draconians was passed along to his right hand man, Amir and he became the Lord of Doom. A small faction of draconians rose against Amir and tried to oust him from his rank. This faction did manage to take the tower of Baraddur but no new true leader arose from the ashes.

To this day, the draconians remain divided and more new evil factions have risen.


Ancient Clan of Evil

Aliases The Dark Forest
Titles Dark Lord/Lady, Lord/Lady of Doom
Related Pythas, Melkor