Pecky is a young vulture orphan. Her parents died valiantly fighting balrogs that were in the service of Ancalagon. Pecky is too young to remember the Fire Nation war, she was just a fledgling when Ancalagon was vanquished. Loki has since taken her under her wing as though she were her own daughter.

Loki and Pecky


Pecky is very sweet. Some of her hobbies include pecking people, playing hide and go seek, hunting for treasure, and fighting her reflection in the mirror.


She is very smart and has a natural talent for healing. Currently Pecky aspires to become a surgeon. She says that she will just eat organs that she removes from people.

Pecky has a good sense of direction. While she has been lost several times, she has always managed to find her way home. She is a slow flier but that is common for a vulture so young.


If you see Pecky flying around Beleriand, feel free to toss her some food or even a nice stuffed animal. She likes to keep Pythas toys and teddy bears in her nest. She does not like stuffed patos. If you give her a stuffed pato she will peck the stuffing out of it and then try to peck your eyes and hair out. She has become very good at pecking hair out of forest people and anyone she attacks will have all the hair ripped out of their head.

OldCp Lore

On OldCp, Pecky is Loki's biological daughter and her father is Amir. Orlock is Pecky's grandfather. She is very close with her grandfather and loves to spend time with him.


Vulture Princess

Titles Vulture Princess
Gender Female
House Vultures
Related Loki, Amir, Orlock