Before Numeniel was evil, she was a member of the Wise Council. Most notably, she assisted Randal. She also made contact with different spirits and through her communications with these spirits she helped develop a theory of different dimensions and spirit types.


Numeniel and Randal had a son together, Orlock. Nothing else is known about Numeniel's family.


At some point, Numeniel was corrupted and became evil. She worked for both Snowfalls and Pythas. Under Snowfalls, she was a powerful witch. Under Pythas, she had a Nazgul Ring, which gave her even more power. She was the only female Nazgul (aside from Ungoliant, the spider) and was said to watch over the East.

Dagor Dagorath

Numeniel had not been seen prior to Dagor Dagorath in 2019. During Dagor Dagorath, Numeniel claimed that no woman would be able to kill her so they should all just give up fighting her and leave it to the men. During the war she also tried to get girls to join her witch order and help her fight. She was fairly unsuccessful at this and ended up getting a handful of new recruits who only wished for power for after Dagor Dagorath was over rather than help her fight. Numeniel ended up dying that day due to the fearless warriors of the many lands who were fighting to save the Earth from the destructive forces of Melkor.


For the War of Dagor Dagorath, Numeniel came dressed in a witch's hat and with a purple ovac. She used a very under powered purple saber that dealt only regular saber damage.

Numeniel during Dagor Dagorath in 2019.

Back to the Living

One World Order

Eventually, Numeniel would come back to life after Mandos died and the prisoners of the Hall of Mandos were freed. This time she would come back to fight for Ungoliant and the One World Order (OWO). Once again, she was doomed to die and was killed during the South vs OWO War.

New Look

This time when Numeniel appeared, she was all black. It is hard to say whether this was due to her possibly being further corrupted or if she just wanted a change in her look. She also had a more powerful weapon, called the Spider Claymour (not sure if this is a purposeful misspelling of Claymore), after her death, Ungoliant gave the blade to Miromeski, who currently has it.

Numeniel and her weapon during the South vs. OWO War.


Witch Nazgul

Titles Head Witch, Nazgul
Gender Female
Death December 20, 2020, thrones
Related Orlock, Randal