Royal Wedding of Prince Tennis

The second-ever DSGHQ Royal wedding took place on the 25th March 2015, when Prince Tennis married Princess Dancebear.


Much preparation was put into this wedding. Roles were picked and a schedule was planned.

Priest: Damen
Best Man: Archie
Groomsmen: Hashir, PenguinDSC, and Terry91
Maid of Honor: Angi
Bridesmaids: Little, Sadie, and Deenie

The original date was March 26th, 2015, but the prince couldn't attend on that date so the wedding was moved up to March 25th.

Main Service

The first part that took place was the service, where the two were to get married. Some waited for hours to get in and witness the historical event, however only a maximum of 50 was allowed in to reduce lag.

The main ceremony took place in the OldCP Throne Room.

Royal Party

Following the service, there was the biggest royal feast in the history of the empire. Much of the royalty got intoxicated and had to leave the festivities early and eventually, Prince Tennis took control of the party. Many important people showed up for the feast, including The Mountain, who was the warlord at the time.

Overall the wedding was a huge success and the couple is still happily married.

Royal Wedding of Prince Tennis

Date 25 March, 2015
Location OldCP Throne Room
Hosted By Damen Spike