Not much is known yet of who exactly Shadow is or where he came from. It has been said that Shadow is a dark elf, possibly a forgotten son of Melkor’s. Shadow is on the side of evil, most likely he is in support of Fire Nation.


Shadow first appeared a few days before the fall of Cobia to Fire Nation. During Shadow’s first appearances, he said he was seeking out Vultures and the location of Beleriand. He also inquired about Ancalagon and was surprised when he found out that the great dragon was still alive.

Making Enemies

Shadow would be quick to make enemies. He announced himself to be against Pythas and plotted ways to drag Pythas out of hiding.

Vanquishing Melody

Shadow quickly came up with a plan to enrage Pythas, it was to forever kill his wife. So on the first day of the invasion of Beleriand, Shadow vanquished Melody. The brought Pythas out of hiding and would eventually cause Pythas to lose the will to live.

Then rumor would spread that Shadow was planning to vanquish all of Pythas’s sons and lastly Pythas himself.


Dark Elf

Gender Male
Related Melkor