Tilion is the maia who is known as the Guardian of the Moon.


In the beginning, Tilion was a maia in the service of Orome as a hunter. In his spare time, Tilion would often visit the Gardens of Lorien to visit the pools of Este and bathe in the silver light of the tree of Telperion. Tilion loved the color of silver. He dressed in silver and used a silver bow in his hunting.

Carrying the Moon

When the Two Trees were destroyed by Melkor and Ungoliant, Tilion asked to be the Guardian of the Moon. Part of the reason for his request was because of its color, silver. The other part of the reason was because he had a crush on Arien, who was to be the Guardian of the Sun.

Tilion on the moon.

Love for Arien

Tilion had a great love for Arien. Due to his desire to be with her, he would often carry the moon off track to try to get closer to her and the sun. The heat of the Sun would scorch Tilion whenever he started to draw too close to it.

Tilion and Arien.

Return to Arda

Tilion would make an appearance on Arda on Penguin3D shortly after the island of Beleriand was invaded. He was clothed in nova flames. He also spoke of his sadness about Arien's corruption and death.


Guardian of the Moon

Aliases The Man in the Moon
Titles Guardian of the Moon
Gender Male
Related Arien