Zabuska was a fearsome orc mutant who commanded Pythas and Legion's armies during the War for Das in June 2020.


Zabuska was born in the greenwaters near Providence Isle, a radioactive swamp where orcs are born. He was quickly noticed for his strength and fear inspiring physique.

Rise to Fame

Because of his superior physical abilities, Zabuska was renowned as being stronger than 100 regular orcs and mightier than any Uruk.


He was appointed to lead the armies of Pythas in the War for Das against Queen Rouge / Rouge11 of RikiTiki.


Zabuska attempted to betray Legion and Pythas by taking the entire Black City for himself with his orc forces. However, he failed when Legion levitated him and made him realise who's the real boss.


Zabuska was very successful in his war against Das. He killed many and was close to victory when the great Warlord of Orome came: Sir Light. He challenged the Warlord of Orome during the battle in the Black City.

Zabuska faces Sir iBlue of Orome


Promising not to relog during the fight, both Sir Light and Zabuska fought for bragging rights. Whilst Sir Light was empowered by Orome's power, Zabuska was powered by nobody but his own genetic strength.

Zabuska fell to Sir Light after a very close battle that lasted almost an hour. He was buried in the Black City and soon after, the orcs lost the war.


Zabuska had three children: Zabura the Girl Orc, Zaboth the Mighty Orc and Zashbothar the Ribcage Swinger. Zaboth swears to avenge his father by slaying Sir Light. Zaboth re-took Das for Pythas and Sentry (formerly Legion) in July 2020.



Great Orc Mutant

Titles Orc Commander, Great Orc, Orc of the Greenwaters
Gender Male
Death 7th June 2020, The Black City, Das
Related Zaboth, Zashbothar, Zabura