The Legion are a pack of rogue beings that serve the dark lord Pythas.


In their beginning, the Legion were good people serving under their individual masters. These good people became wicked once they aligned with Melkor the Dark Lord and thus were clumped into one: The Legion.

Legion's Character Card

Serving Melkor

Once Melkor accepted the ~50 agents, they got to work as the Legion, harassing people and trolling them. Though the Legion were powerful together, they were still under the control of Melkor.

Fall of Melkor

Once Melkor was banished to the void, the Legion started to serve Melkor's lieutenant Pythas who had survived. Once under Pythas, the many Legion began to act as his messenger. Although, the Legion were not trustworthy and had many fights with Pythas' other servants, often going off and doing their own thing.


The Legion did not co-operate well all of the time and often would disobey Pythas, going off and doing their own thing. Meanwhile, they would help recruit people to join the evil side.


The Legion were the most respectful of the evil servants of the menace, Melkor. Legion will often refuse to slander the good name of Lord Gamer, instead referring to him as 'Sir' and 'Lord'. The Legion, although very evil, have a standard of evilness and respect.


Legion are often seen haunting people, often by scaring them by appearing from the shadows and intimidating them.


The form of Legion has often been destroyed, though the Legion as a whole have not been vanquished. The Legion have shrunk and grown in size over the years due to members of the pack fighting each other and getting vanquished or simply floating off into space aimlessly. Finally, Legion was thought to be sentenced to the void by Fable.

Gamer, with the help of others, have destroyed Legion's bodies on different occasions.


Recently, Legion have taken on the form of SWINE, a pack of pigs. They often go around in large groups, offering blessings to the evil in exchange for doing evil deeds for Pythas.


Legion was vanquished in Hell by Kace and Orlock, after Legion died, LordLaw came, a lawyer of Mandos and told Frogs that he would be the new Legion.

(NEW) After all souls were brought back by Nameless One, Legion had given power to the NWO and decided to break from Pythas, splitting in half and creating a loyal and non loyal side.

Members of the LEGION

In mid 2020, some members of the LEGION started appearing individually. Here are some of the known names of the individual members of the LEGION and their roles, if applicable.
  • PIG
  • Marukez
  • Elehaz - 8th LEGION, Writer of the Dark Pantimus
  • Garhad - Head of Death
  • Oomlek

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The Legion

Pack of Beings

Aliases SWINE, Ghast, Romain
Titles Servant of Pythas
Related Pythas

Species Spirit Person
Race Forest Prince