Apply for MASTER, MODERATOR (on any game or forum), ADMINISTRATOR (must be moderator first)

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member application
Created by Pakkel
13th July 2021
Why I Should Be OldCP Admin
Created by fox
5th March 2021
Created by LEGION
16th February 2021
Royal Executioner App.
Created by Bubbles
22nd November 2020
app for master
Created by Warth
11th November 2020
app for master
Created by Fizz
10th November 2020
Master Application
Created by Carly
2nd October 2020
P3D Moderator app
Created by montocho
1st October 2020
Server moderator application
Created by Ari
17th September 2020
Forum Admin Application
Created by Sled
7th September 2020
Cabinet Application - Bank
Created by Jake01
6th September 2020
Cabinet App - Rouge Independent
Created by rouge
5th September 2020
Cabinet Application - Knight
Created by Tommo
5th September 2020
Cabinet Official Application
Created by indigo
3rd September 2020
Cabinet Application.
Created by eugee
3rd September 2020