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Actual idea
Created by Willfred
24th May 2019
Importamt .!
Created by misty
5th May 2019
Created by XxDarkShadowxX
21st April 2019
*inset pikachu meme*
Created by Finnawoke
16th April 2019
Fix Ioldcp.
Created by Radaghast
29th March 2019
war server?
Created by KiIIer
23rd March 2019
Smiting in CZ
Created by Julianhak
18th March 2019
A suggestion.
Created by Kiwi
15th March 2019
Post Notification idea
Created by Julianhak
14th March 2019
Blocking Feature
Created by Zelrus
5th March 2019
Unicode's Suggestions
Created by Unicode
5th March 2019
Squiggly Text Transform
Created by Naii
24th February 2019
add a new rank
Created by amsel
23rd February 2019
Clothing color
Created by MUT1L4T0R
20th February 2019
Permanent Death and an Idea
Created by Loki
18th February 2019
fixing cz wit sugar
Created by Sugar
18th February 2019
cz suggestion
Created by Lush
16th February 2019
Save OldCP
Created by Ian
14th February 2019