The Bandits were a group of penguins on OldCP who had played the game whilst it was inaccessible to the public during the Autumn/Winter of 2014.


They had survived some weeks against the remounted Ice Ghost army lead by Snowfalls and King Raegon. Few of them remained by the time OldCP was reopened in Winter close to DamensDay 2014. This had been because the Ice Lords had successfully wiped out most of them during attacks. Though they were not fully allies with the returning forces of the DSGHQ, they had served a helping hand in destroying Raegon and Snowfalls forever.


A bandit known as Harren first introduced the bandits. Apparently, bandits were a clan who were operating during the autumn whilst OldCP had been down and users moved on to Snaildom. Only two members; Malvon and Harren, ever appeared as bandits. Not much more is known about these bandits.


Harren only appeared one day which was on December 4th, 2014. He spoke to Sir Tennis, Lord Hashir, Lord Cyberwolf, and World Champion Bp28.


Before he died himself, Harren killed Emperor helper Cyberwolf. He was surrounded by the users in the picture and felt threatened by Cyberwolf.


Avenging the administrator, Hashir killed Harren immediately after he killed Cyberwolf.


Malvon was a more friendly bandit. He spoke and gave us help regarding our defense. He was good at first until he made bad blood with a very powerful boy.


Malvon would speak lots of prophecies and give ideas; although he acted as a leader for Operation Endgame. When Hashir tried to speak to him privately, he kicked him off the team and then decided to kill him. Malvon was banned.


On the Saturday right before Damen's Day, authorities unbanned Malvon to kill him. Tennis had killed him. This was prophesied by an Ice child called Nook and it came true.


Before he was executed, he murdered Hashir as prophesied.


During the process of unbanning, Malvon had the chance to transfer his gun. He did so and kemlin24 (a backup) killed Dancebear as she was healing Hashir. Kemlin was killed by Angi after, although Baptiste got the gun and killed Nook (ice child) and Ranch. Baptiste was killed and so the gun was out of use.



Location OldCP