King Raegon - King of Ice


Raegon plays a vital part in Crimezone. Without him, some of the most toughest times wouldn't have happened. As much as he has done, he is a good Crimezone player.

Background Knowledge

Raegon rules the Kingdom of Ice. He first appeared around mid this year, although he is important, he hadn't appeared as much as Snowfalls. King Raegon is one of the highest people in the Ice Kingdom, alongside him is Queen Snowfalls and so on. Raegon made his first big appearance during a war in the summer, in which he died.

He was originally cursed by Snowfalls to use his great power to take revenge on all the greedy rulers of OldCP. Snowfalls' life bore the power of the Ice Army, in which relied on her renewing strength to exist and operate.



Raegon and the Icelords have a special ability. When a user is touched by one, they are immediately frozen and become an Ice Ghost. During the first war, Raegon had frozen lots of users. He had also froze Sir Tennis the Great and Bp28 the Great during the second war.


Even though the powers weren't pretty clear, it was proven to be true as Raegon had the ability to walk on walls. It is unknown as to how he did this.

Biggest Appearences

The War of the Summer

Raegon attacked around noon one day around July-August 2014. He had killed lots of people and his whole ice army attacked. Quickly to the rescue, Adawg shot Raegon and became World Champion. Although, he did not know Raegon was only temporarily dead. Guns cannot kill Ice Ghosts because they are not a fiery article. OldCP later learnt this on their dreaded return.

Glarthir the Ice Child had prophesied their return during Winter which was far away. OldCP had to wait and see if he would return.

The War of Damen's Day

What OldCP now knew was that Adawg's shot only knocked Raegon temporary. Around 6:00AM EST on DamensDay (Dec. 14th 2014), Snowfalls had been destroyed by Gamer the Great with a fire sword, and soon Commander Uzu was too. In anger, Raegon challenged the Lord of the Knights, Tennis. Unfortunately, Tennis had fallen.


Raegon escaped from the rest of the warriors coming for him. He got as far as the Forest of OldCP when Sir Bp28 attacked him and finished him off after Hashir burnt Bp28 out of his Iceghost state. Footage of some of the war is shown below.

End of Ice

Raegon had died forever and Iceghosts were gone forever. That meant no more Raegon. That was his last time to be ever seen....
Edit: Code Red. Raegon has been spotted November 1st and froze 2 people, along with Watson with him.


Ice Lord

Aliases Raegon the Ice King, Raegon, Ice King
Gender Male
House Blackhawks
Death Dec. 14th 2014 (DamensDay) - Forest of OldCP
Related Snowfalls, Uzu, Watson