On a late November evening in 2013, Bp28 found OldCP.biz. He registered an account and was intrigued by the game's users and content. His time did not last long. In mid-December, Emperor Damen announced OldCP was shutting down and would be replaced by his new game, Penguin Isles. Not being interested in anything but OldCP, Bp28 left the DSGHQ, thinking OldCP would never return.


In March 2014, Bp28 thought about his brief time in OldCP and wanted to see if there's any chance it has returned. To his surprise, it did. Within days of rejoining, there was a massive attack by Rover, who became Empress. The story and Crime Zone impressed Bp, and new ranks such as Penguin Watch and Imperial Knight kept him coming online every day for excitement. He enjoyed being a spectator though and did not have much interest in having a rank until a special announcement by Emperor Damen changed his mind.

Early Achievements

Damen announced a Spring Moderator Competition, which excited Bp28. He now had a chance to become a trusted Member of the DSGHQ.

Freehawks Leader

For the Competition, Bp joined Team Freehawks, known as one of the most successful Moderator Competition Teams, led by the trusted Key123 and Bailey. He made the finals along with 10 other users. Key, Bailey, and IWUVBAKON were named the winners of the Competition and were promoted to Moderator. They elected Bp28 as the leader of the Freehawks.


A day later, Administrator Cyberwolf promoted Bp to an Imperial Knight, his first official rank in the DSGHQ. He served under captain Tennis, as the role of Knights grew larger with the addition of the jail and swords. Bp28 quickly became one of the more trusted users in the community.

Moderator and Knights Captain

On June 17th, a vote for Moderator was held. It was announced Bp28 would be promoted to Moderator along with the user Mrlion. His promotion was on June 20th. The very next day, longtime Knight Captain, Tennis resigned and gave his position to Bp. He served as both Moderator and Captain until Emperor Damen announced Knights and other royal ranks would be removed from OldCP due to users protesting for a return to the older versions of it. Bp28 still served as Moderator and did all he could to help the DSGHQ against the return of the Blackhawks and ice ghosts.

Banishment, Forgiveness, and Return of the Knights

On July 21, Bp28 was discovered to be the owner of troll accounts. Fearing demotion, he abandoned the DSGHQ and was banished for life. Regretting his mistake, a week later, he apologized and was forgiven. A day later, he received his first rank since returning: News Reporter. Soon after, Imperial Knights returned to OldCP. Bp28 was the first Imperial Knight promoted and later named Knight-Captain again. Bp28 was once again a trusted user.

Snaildom and Return to Moderating

Bp28 was chosen along with many others to beta test the new DSGHQ game Snaildom. Snaildom became popular quickly, and OldCP shut down. He worked hard and on November 5th, was named Moderator of Snaildom. OldCP soon returned, and he was named Moderator on that as well while remaining Knight Captain.


The dreaded ice ghosts returned, led by King Raegon, Queen Snowfalls, and Commander Uzu. Trusted Knights were given swords of fire, to defeat them once and for all. Sir Gamer killed snowfalls, Sir Tennis killed Uzu, and in a hard-fought private battle, Bp28 emerged victorious against Raegon and was named DSGHQ World Champion for his service and victory.

Hand Guard

Bp28 was chosen to be the handguard of Prince Archie. As a handguard, he protects and guards the prince every day.


On June 29th, 2015, Bp28 was promoted to Administrator. He was demoted after new Administrator requirements were put in place. He is now the Head Moderator with Hashir.



Aliases Sir Bp28 the Great
Titles World Champion, Knight Captain, Moderator, Administrator
Gender Male
House Stag
Related Hashir, Tennis, Bailey