Early Life

Ezrak was hatched over 300 years ago by MotherVulture and FatherVulture. She was in line for the vulture throne and quickly formed a rivalry with Loki, who was also newly hatched. As a hatchling, Ezrak attempted to guarantee her inheriting the throne by attempting to murder her sister by throwing her out of the nest.

Ezrak would be raised by her parents and somehow she became a blue vulture. It is possible that she is strong with ice or blessed by it.


Ezrak has been described as being rude and unpleasant but also curious. She is not an unreasonable vulture.

Desire for the Throne

Ezrak had a great desire to become Queen of the Vultures as she felt the throne was rightfully hers. In fact, she first appeared because she desired to fight Loki for the throne as she felt that Loki was not a suitable ruler.

After Loki told her the story of how their mother died to Ancalagon, Ezrak decided to accept her sister as Queen and work with her.

The Forest

Ezrak is very strong with the forest and can hear it speaking to her. Due to this, she can deliver messages and prophecies from it. Like Nook and Glarthir, Ezrak can also sense things that others cannot.


Vulture Princess

Aliases Ezra
Titles Vulture Princess
Gender Female
House Vultures
Related MotherVulture, FatherVulture, Loki, Uade