Mists Wolf found OldCP in August 2013, during v9. He didn't know much about the game until some users explained it to him. He made friends. He started to understand the game and its role-play. After some time, OldCP had shut down.


After OldCP shut down, a new game named Snaildom had begun. Mists was the 400th user to join Snaildom. On Snaildom, he met Damen for the first time. Mists was amazed when he received the rank Detective Apprentice from Bakon the Seargent.

OldCP’s Return

During OldCp v10, Mists got his first forum rank which was Master. He loved to see some of his friends like Cocacola10 and Jesse earning higher ranks.


Mists joined the forums on September 25th, 2014. His actual name was known as HotFlame. He had so many conversations with his friends and began to become a better player. He earned his first rank Master. He is now seen as an experienced player who has never let the DSGHQ down.


Mists was killed by Fizz the Djinn during his first reappearance on Oldcp. This marked the first evil action done by a Djinn who were previously thought to be peaceful noblemen


During the second age of Mickey and the Djinn Mists was promoted to a Detective. He was given a firearm but it was later taken away when the Dice led the Detectives to lose Damen's trust.

War knight

Mists was promoted to War knight by Empress Chelsey. It was truly an honor for him. He was trusted with a firearm and sword. He was later demoted by Hashir because of several complaints by users.


Mists was banned on v10 because of threatening the war knights. He was later forgiven by Emperor Damen.

Continuing his life

Anyways, Mists was hot as ever. He is so hot and cool Saber goes all over him. Not only Saber, even Bashy, Ollo, and everyone else!


Retired Detective
Titles Master, Detective, War Knight
Gender Male
House Stags
Death --
Related Saber, Deenie, Bob