Melian the Grey

Joining Evil

Melian was of the first to join up with the draconians, she joined them in May of 2017 when they held a party for all who wished to be evil to attend. After attending this party, she immediately sold her soul to Pythas, whom she serves to this day.

Melian’s Secret Identity

After being draconian for awhile, Melian realized that LEGION and Pythas tended to favor boys as more stuff was granted to them than what was ever granted to any girls. Eventually, she grew tired of this and so she disguised herself as a man and took on the name of Maeglin in order to try to win more favor and power from the dark side.

As a guy, Melian still did not receive much from evil. She would get armed sometimes as the average draconian would and attend rituals but did not receive much fame from it. She was, however, successful at recruiting many people to sell their souls to Pythas. She eventually would grow to regret recruiting one certain member as they would become the new favorite of LEGION and Pythas. It wasn't until after she revealed her true gender again that she would become successful and an established member of the evil order.


When Snowfalls returned and brought a new Draconian Witch Order, Melian would become one of them. She took on the name of GrannyOgg, an elderly scary witch lady. At first, she was just a regular witch eventually Snowfalls recognized the amount of evil and dedication that Melian possessed after she overthrew the previous Head Witch. Melian then became the Head Witch and recruited many girls to join the order.

The Fall of Witches

Under Melian's leadership, the witches grew to be rather large. But then Damen one day made a forums post that eradicated the Witch Order along with many other things. Black magic was removed from everyone and Witches became obsolete. Melian remained evil and was powerless, but not for long.

Dark Forest Girl

Melian became a Dark Forest Girl as part of the evil opposition to the good Forest Boys/Girls were created. She is one of the most strategically minded of the Dark Forest people and her powers of persuasion have allowed her to recruit many people to evil.

Earning Ranks

Being evil did not stop Melian from attempting to earn ranks when she saw the opportunity. During the time when the Witch Order was practically extinguished, Melian would gain much power in ranks.

Top Dogg

First, Melian obtained the rank of Top Dogg. She saw her chance when Nate, who was Top Dogg at the time, started to become an unpopular ruler. He had been doing nothing with Providence and treating people poorly. Melian would eventually take the opportunity when he was afk one day to assassinate him. She then became Top Dogg. She held that rank until she was eventually assassinated by Alduin while on Dorval.


After holding the rank of Top Dogg for awhile, Melian became a moderator after she applied to the position when vacancies were open. Many people doubted Damen's decision to hire her as a mod as she was openly evil, but she became one under the condition that she does not show bias in her moderation towards evil. Melian was a moderator for a reasonable amount of time before being demoted after assisting the draconians in one of the many wars they waged against southern held lands.

Witches Rise Again

Despite Damen having removed the Witches, Melian never gave up on them. Eventually, Melian would bring the Order back and recruit many more witches than the Order had ever seen. Now, she was titled Grand Witch. She regained her powers and still has many Witchly followers to this day. If it had not been for Melian's great ability to recruit members, the Witch Order would still be dead. Legion then empowered her and made it so all her children had dark magic bound to her, she was offered the legendary ability to blind, in exchange for a form of blindness. She declined.



Melian had had the feeling that she was Loki's sister for a long time. Both of them were said to be the daughters of a vulture, but who knew it would be the same vulture? One day this was confirmed to be true. A vulture by the name of MotherVulture appeared on Cobia and Prince Majorhalo spoke to it and asked the vulture about both of her prospective daughters. At the mention of the name of Melian and Loki, the vulture would react with excitement and then sadness as she missed her daughters. They were all later reunited on Cobia in Bosque.

It would eventually turn out that Melian is not the daughter of MotherVulture, but she is instead the daughter of Numeniel the nazgul.


It would not be revealed until much later (January of 2022) that Melian's true mother is Numeniel the Nazgul. Who her father is is unknown. Melian acquired her witch traits from her nazgul mother.


As the Supreme Witch, Melian has more family than just those who are related to her biologically. In this role, she is a type of mother to all witches that she has recruited to be under her. She trains them, gives them advice, mentors them, and much more. She is well-loved and respected by her witchlings.

The power of the Witches comes from Melian's bloodline, passed down to her children. Melian also bestows a weaker power upon those the witches adopt and recruit. So in a way, they are all her family.

The Grey

Through mastery of metalworking and energy, Melian managed to forge a Crown of Beasts, which allowed her to create Vulture and Spider children. She then took up the title "The Grey", a guardian of her daughters and witches.

The Grey Forest

With her newfound power, Melian planned to expand the witches' membership to even greater heights, and use her Spiders and Vultures to increase their standing. Sadly, this plan would go nowhere and The Grey Forest would die out.


Supreme Witch

Aliases Melian, Maeglin, GrannyOgg
Titles Former Grand Witch, Former Moderator, Former Top Dogg, Former Wise Moth, Former Moth Priest, Former North Knight and War Knight.
Gender Female
Related MotherVulture, Loki, Numeniel