Cyrus, also knows as Rains, is one of the nine original Nazgul in the service of Pythas.


Like the rest of the nazgul, Cyrus became corrupted when Pythas granted him a Nazgul Ring. He is the Guardian and Custodian of the Dark Lord's property.

Early Prophecy

In the early days of Cyrus's Nazgul-hood, two prophecies had been written one being "the custodial would speak riddles to a goblin" and the other being "The Warlord of the Nazgul would give definition to the mountain in the Providence Colony." Cyrus fulfilled both prophecies when he spoke with Gothmog the Goblin when he traveled to the colony of Providence. Gothmog asked Cyrus 'how many souls for a living?' At this, Cyrus lead Gothmog to the mountain known as Dead Man's Mountain and said 'Until I fill a mountain of this size with the last dead man's body.'


Cyrus first appeared with the rest of the Nazgul under the disguise of being a Blind Monk. While his cover as a Blind Monk would not last long, he would be seen somewhat regularly by some of the draconians. He was also seen speaking with Prince Sriram at one point as well.

Training Siths

One of the most important tasks Cyrus performed for Pythas was training new Sith Lords. He helped to train Orbay, Alatar and Orlock to be siths on Providence Island. He taught them the art of fighting and they learned much from him.

First Death

Cyrus would eventually be killed by Gamer, but make a return as Curush a few months before Dagor Dagorath, where he trained Tave and Dragon on Providence, before giving the task to deliver The Great Knife to Pythas, which was interrupted by Gamer.

Dagor Dagorath

After training siths, Cyrus would disappear for a long time and would not be seen again until Dagor Dagorath. On Dagor, Cyrus was seen wearing a pyramid head and he wielding a double sided red lightsaber as his weapon. He was also armed with force lightning. Like the rest of the nazgul who appeared in Dagor, Cyrus would fall in battle.

Coming Back

The Seven

Cyrus would come back to life after Mandos opened the gates to the Halls of Death. When Cyrus came back he worked for Pythas and tried to track down the seven newly recruited Maiar in order to turn them into Nazguls to serve Pythas. He failed in this mission.

On His Own

Eventually Cyrus would break away from Pythas and work with Mandos for awhile. Cyrus would be killed and that would end his reign of terror on OldCp.

Banished from Death

Like the rest of the nazgul, Cyrus would return once again on Penguin3D. He has not developed much of a reputation on there as of yet.


The Custodian

Aliases Rains, Akhorahil, X5, Curush
Titles The Guardian and Custodian of the Dark Lord’s Property
Gender Male
Death Dagor Dagorath (OldCp); Alive on Penguin3D
Related Amir, Pythas, Nazgul Rings