Nazgul Rings


"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie."

What is a Nazgul Ring?

A nazgul ring is a ring that gives the holder (Pythas) of The One Ring the power to possess and control the actions of people who wear the lesser nazgul rings. They are evil in nature and they each have a kind of quality that attracts its owner to it and makes it hard, if not impossible, for the owner to part with the ring.


Each nazgul ring has a different power that it can enable the owner to use. Most also give a higher amount of health with it and has other side effects like a specific glow or ovac.
Here is a list of rings and what power(s) it enables the owner to use:

Nazgul Rings

  • The One Ring - Most Powerful ring make you invisible and have many dark powers the power only can be used by the Dark Lord with it you actually enter the realm of the nazgul. It is the master ring and has true and unlimited power and and give quantum particles in determined conditions.
  • Ring of Amir - Lord of nazgul ring, gives 2000 percent and makes one black as the soul of the Witch King also give Dunk Jump and speed if you give to someone else Curse you (Penguin3D).
  • Ring of Gothmog - The user has higher percentage, the green glow of goblins, and the ability to summon War Goblins and Goblin Supremes.
  • Ring of Raegon - Gives the size of Hoarmurath, and the cold heart of him as well. The beefiness of the lad follows suit.
  • Ring of Randal - Allows deception, Access to /w, ends in - Randlock
  • Ring of Indur - It makes owner into a cloud of smoke that is unable to be arrested and able to escape jail. Boost health percentage.
  • Ring of Gobleheim - The user becomes a goblin, almost identical to the Ring of Gothmog.
  • Ring of Rangle - The vulture Power's Ring, ability to shapeshift into a vulture or man like Rangler and able to spawn vultures.
  • Ring of Drogoth - Lord of Dragons Rings; The user has a flaming orange glow, and the breath of dragons.
  • Ring of Numeniel - The ring of Numos, gives a purple glow and Higher Percent Health.
  • Ring of Malekai - The user is inverted and is given higher HP.
  • Ring of Sealock - Cthulhu's power combined with the Ring of Mandos, creating a ring capable of returning any being from death, and possibly the void.
  • Ring of Adamant - Allows the user to use /tell, makes wearer stronger.

Please add to this list as more is learned about each ring.

Where did the Rings Come From?

The rings were forged by Pythas with help of Celebrimbor (Telprinquar) in ancient times and given out as gifts to forest people, especially to those who were in positions of great power. He told them that the rings would make them more powerful and give them more strength. Over time, some of the Forest Lords and Ladies grew weary of the rings and discovered that they were actually evil and that Pythas could use them to control the owners of the rings although the rings of power of the Elves were forged by Celebrimbor (Telprinquar) and Pythas could not control the bearers if he put too much effort he could hear the thoughts of the bearer. Thus the rings were banished from the forest and every ring owner was commanded dispose of their rings, though not everyone did so and some where kept circulating around.

How did Pythas Forge the Rings?

Pythas forged the rings in the fires of a volcano on the land of Das. He was a great smith and capable of embedding magic into the rings which would make them appealing to people.

Pythas forging the Nazgul Rings.

Can the Rings be Destroyed?

The rings can indeed be destroyed, but they must be destroyed in the fire from which they came, which would be the volcano on Das that Pythas crafted the rings in. It may be hard to destroy all the rings though as the appealing magic in each ring will make it hard, if not impossible, for the owner of the rings to part with them, even if the person throwing it into the volcano has not possessed the ring for much time or was not the original owner.

Is there Another Way?

There is another way that the rings may be destroyed. This would mean that The One Ring, which Pythas possesses must be destroyed in the fires of the volcano. Once that ring is destroyed, the other rings will start to lose their power. It is not known how quickly the rings will lose their powers.

It is also thought that once The One Ring is destroyed, Pythas will be destroyed with it as he placed a majority of his powers within that ring so that if he were to die (or seemingly die), he would still remain alive through his power store in the ring. This theory is also unconfirmed.

Nazgul Rings

Aliases Rings of Power
Death Some burned by the fires of Das
Related Pythas, Randal, Mandos, The Witch King, Indur, King Raegon, Numeniel, Gothmog, Drogoth

Creator Pythas
Date Forged Ancient Forest Times (over 300 years ago)
Quantity 12 Currently Known
Origin Das
Classification Dark Magic Artifacts