After the unfortunate death of Melody // Snowfalls, Turin went disappeared for a while experiencing a depression.... blaming himself for the death of his mother although it did not seem to be his fault she got into the crossfire of the duel of him and Pythas. Turin could not sleep for days.... he would hear the cries of his mother in his dreams that would haunt him... these dreams would fuel Turin's pain.

Turin cut his ties with the Forest Itself yet remained an ally to the Forest as they were fighting many wars against his father, Pythas. Turin was eventually exiled by his creator Nameless One for safety but before Turin's exile he swore an oath to finish off the Draconians and bring justice and end them once and for all.

A great pain and conflict began to grow within Turin... this was eventually forseen by Nameless One himself in a vision of Turin's future and seen as a potential disturbance to the path Turin currently walks, Nameless One himself had contacted Turin on Penguin3D in regards of what he forsaw and what his future may lead to... Turin was not exactly 'Turin' anymore..... but inside him he was now Revan.

Revan devoted most of his time on exile to ponder, and discover various arts and learn from such teachings.

Shards of the Past

It was time for Revan (Turin) to let go of his past.... Revan pondered and went for a walk into the the snow outskirts of Ach-To thinking his past.... his anger began to fume inside him he got so infuriated that he shattered his old Green Lightsaber into pieces... the ground began to shake this marked that he'd cut his ties with his Forest past and devoted his servitude to Nameless One.

It was time for Revan to forge a new Lightsaber, he took a journey to the Island of Providence Isle to the Kyber Crystal Caves to construct a new blade, Revan had come across a shattered Purple Kyber Crystal

In Revan's studies he'd studied that a Purple Kyber Crystal symbolised both the Light and Dark sides of the force... but this was the path of Revan... Turin used his powers to bind the shards and hilt pieces together and activated the blade. The blade felt light.... but overtime it became heavy and heavily unstabled each time a foe was slaughtered ruthlessly by Revan and died by his blade... this blade was called The Ancient Blade of Revan.

Intensive Training

While being exiled on Ach-To the re-birth and intensive of Revan had begun... it was time for Revan to commence his intensive training and devote his service to his maker, Nameless One as his Knight. In order to become stronger, Revan trained and trained for decades on Ach-To and mastered the art of Electric Judgement which was a Dark Side ability used by the opposition.

In order to cast aside his feelings, Revan had to go into meditation for decades and bind all of his energy to the essence of his mind... forming visions of trials of where he'd confront his foes, bringing them down and dealing justice to them.

Training Complete

Two decades later in exile, Revan had indeed grown older, his training was finally complete.... now was the time.... the time for Revan to demolish any foe that would dare to oppose his creator.


Revan (Turin) wrote:
''Servitude to Nameless One is my only purpose, I shall do what is necessary and use my feelings to ensure survival".

Revan (Turin) wrote:
''As a young Jedi I went to war, I accepted violence and conflict, I proved to be the most powerful... Nameless One created me yet called out to me
from across the Galaxy, he named me one of his Knights and thus I re-named myself as Revan.


Word had spread around that Revan's father, Pythas had been planning to continue his operations on Penguin3D along with the creation of the Black City of Ubar, Das. So Revan took it upon himself to contact any of his allies in the South to scout the outskirts.

Revan's allies searched for days to locate any Wraiths but found nothing.... however they were was able to locate Revan's old creator's island... the island of Ach-To surrounded by many novas in the sky there were words that the Nameless One was dwelling on this island, living out the rest of his days there. This was the island that Revan was exiled to and spent most of his days... until he was needed once again.

And so begins The Birth of Revan, Prodigal Knight of Nameless One.

Revan's Clone Army

(To be updated)


Prodigal Knight

Aliases Wanderer
Titles The Prodigal Knight, The Enforcer, The Liberator, Lord Revan
Gender Male
House N/A
Death N/A : Exiled - To Ach To
Related Turin, Accal, Gamer

Occupation: Prodigal Knight ll The Enforcer ll Servant of Nameless One
Creator Nameless One
Father Mairon Annatar (Pythas)
Mother Melody iluvatar (Snowfalls)
Brothers Glarthir, Mexico, Nook, Stan
Species Unknown
Race ???