DanceBear first arrived at the DSGHQ in January 2014 when OldCP re-opened. She was interested in knowing more about the community. She decided to stick around and check out what it had for her. About one week after she joined, there was a Moderator Competition. She had no idea what it was at that time. She joined a team, and surprisingly, she did very well. She was in Team Emily and she was promoted to Co-Leader of the team. Because of that event, she got interested in the game and decided to stay. About a month after joining, she signed up for the Forums.


Legendary Healer

DanceBear was known as the Legendary Healer. Her job was to heal the people that died. She had a rocky start when she was hired to be a Royal Healer because, after a couple of weeks of having that job, she was instructed to heal one of the most dangerous users in OldCP, The Hound. When she healed him, there was chaos. He came back alive and started to kill many users. Luckily, he was shot. During the Summer of 2014, a war began. DanceBear had to heal over 30 people who died in that war, and it was a mess. Damen was impressed by her work and he promoted her to a Legendary Healer title and a Moderator Rank. In December 2014, DanceBear retired her Legendary Healer title.


DanceBear first became a Moderator after the Summer 2014 war. When OldCP shutdown, she lost her rank and continued her journey on Snaildom. She didn't get promoted on the game but when OldCP came back in November/December, she competed in the Winter Moderator Competition of 2014 and won the whole thing. Thus earning Moderator once more.


DanceBear was a Detective on Snaildom. Her job was to make up theories, help out the other detectives at crime scenes. She was promoted on OldCP as well. In December 2014, DanceBear retired her Detective rank.


DanceBear became a DSGHQ Princess on March 25th, 2015. She got the rank when she married Prince Tennis.

Forums Moderator

DanceBear became a Forums Moderator the day she got Princess on OldCP.


The Game of Mods

DanceBear competed in 4 Games of Mods. She competed in the 5th, the 6th, the 8th, and finally the 10th. The 5th Competition was her first competition. She didn't have any experience since she only joined 1 week before the competition. But, she was able to manage herself and join a team. The 6th competition got a little more interesting. She decided to join the Freehawks. The stages pass and it was time for the Finals. Surprisingly, she was chosen as a finalist. The 8th Competition got a little more intense. She joined Team Nerds. During the second day of that competition, the 2 leaders didn't show up. DanceBear was technically the third leader and she decided to step in and help. At the end of that day, Team Nerds won 3 points, when the previous day they only had 1. The Nerds were building up. They were so close to getting eliminated but DanceBear saved the day. At the finals, DanceBear was chosen once again. This time, she was in the Final two with Chex. Damen wanted to take a risk, and Chex won the competition. The 10th Competition was a winner. DanceBear was in the Freehawks again. She really stood out during the competition and Damen picked her to be the newest Moderator.

This picture is located in /office on Oldcp.

The Game of Kings

DanceBear was a chosen user to participate in the Game of Kings/Queens. She ended up getting the runner-up spot with her partner Sled, and they were very close to winning this competition.

The Royal Wedding

DanceBear was the bride of the second DSGHQ Royal Wedding. She married Prince Tennis Stag the Great. The wedding was a success, and the Royal Couple couldn't be any happier. The leader of the ceremony was Damen Spike, and it looked like he was having a bit too much fun at the wedding.

DanceBear and Tennis had their first kiss on their wedding day.


Moderator Competitions

DanceBear has been doing Moderator Competitions since V.9. Her first Moderator Competition was the 5th. The first team that she joined was Team Emily. That team won the competition that day and the leader of the team won the rank.

Her second Moderator Competition was the 6th. She was a member of the successful Freehawks. She worked well with them and ended up getting a spot in the Finalists. The winner of that competition was Tikiliki.

Her third Moderator Competition was the 8th. She was a member of Team Nerds. She worked really well with them since she was a Co-Leader. On the second day of that competition, the two leaders weren't present. DanceBear took the lead and she surprisingly helped the team get 3 points. The Nerds were extremely close to being eliminated, but DanceBear saved the day. Since the previous day, they only had 1 point. They pass Team Glitz who only had 3 points and Nerds had 4. She ended up getting a finalist for the second time, and this time it was different. She was in the final two with Chex. Damen had a really difficult decision to do. But, he wanted to take risks and go for Chex.

DanceBear competed also in the 10th Moderator Competition. She was part of the Freehawks again and she's soon going to know if she made finalist for the third time. She was picked to be interviewed as well. *This will be updated*

The Game of Kings

DanceBear was chosen with many other users to be competing for the Snaildom King and Queen. She started with her first partner, Bp28, and they were working very well together. They advanced in some rounds and sadly, Bp28 got eliminated. After, she was partners with Little, another contestant for the Queen rank. She got eliminated as well. It came down to the finals and she was partnered with Sled. They were against Cyberwolf and Cheep and in the end, they didn't win. They were the runner ups.

Winter War of 2014

DanceBear was a detective at the time of the Damensday War. When it began, she was shot by a bandit. When Nook, the former ice child came, DanceBear was on her sister's account, Ranch. Nook was very interested in Ranch for her to become an ice child. He made a ceremony at the ice mountain, the cove, and the underground pool. Glarthir was interested in her as well to become one of them. They were so close to making her an ice child, but it came that a user called Baptiste killed Ranch and Nook with a hacked sword. Ranch and DanceBear were later revived by Glarthir.


DanceBear got noticed really fast on Forums. She got her first rank as a member when she had 30 posts and over 100 rep. She had a really good start. When she gained 1000 rep, she only had about 300 posts. She first earned News Reporter, and about 3 weeks later, and later earned Master.

A fighting Princess

Princess DanceBear has now joined the fighters of OldCP. She is a War Knight on her "Ranch" account. Princess DanceBear can use a sword and a gun as well. She fought for the first time in a joust hosted by Damen. She was picked to fight, and she chose CoffeeCow to compete against her. Surprisingly, she won, and that was her first win. She fought recently In the Champion Tournament. This tournament was for Damen to find a new champion to fight in the Djinn Trials. She fought against Tuxedo (DSC) and she won. In the second round, she fought against Matthewvacc. They both survived over the time limit so they were immediate finalists. In the final round, she was able to kill Tigerboy91 and CPManiac. She competed in the final two against Matthewvacc once again. This time, she died... Yet she was mysteriously still alive. Damen called a rematch and Matthewvacc won. Her fighting days are not over yet. Damen was very impressed with her skills that he might give her more opportunities to fight in more competitions.

Princess DanceBear uses a sword and a gun.


Even if I'm not the Legendary Healer anymore, it's still in my blood
Moderator is a learning process. You learn even more than what your teaching to the users.



Aliases Princess DanceBear
Titles Princess, OldCP Moderator, Forums Moderator, Former Detective, Legendary Healer, War knight, Djinn Healer
Gender Female
House Stags
Related Tennis