How Vasco started

On the 24th of December in 2016, TerryDJ was administrator at the time and he couldn’t go to popular which was "great forest clearing" due to being part of NWO. TerryDJ felt that it would be suspicious if he logged in to his other accounts, so he instead created a completely new account named Vasco.

Who is Vasco?

At first, Vasco was TerryDJ’s secret only alter-ego account, which is now public. Vasco wore cowboy outfits and talked like cowboys, and still does so to this day. TerryDJ chose Vasco to be inspired by cowboys due to liking the movie called “Of Mice & Men”.

Vasco's Experience

Making new friends

In December 2016, Vasco made new friends with some users he first met, notably Pablo with who he bonded. A few days later, TerryDJ found an interest in playing as Vasco, so he decided to continue this way.

Player of the Month

In January 2017, Vasco became more active and later made it a habit when he thought of going for POTM, similar to what TerryDJ did in the past.

Game of Mods

In January 2017, Vasco was in Knights Team competing in GOM for the first time. He helped Knights Team throughout tasks during Stages 1, 2, and 3.

Penguin Watch Captain

In early March 2017, Vasco was promoted to Penguin Watch Captain as a replacement for Pablo's spot but also honor it. In mid-June 2020, Terry91's ranks were split and Vasco was given the PWC rank. However, Vasco resigned from PWC rank in early August.


In mid-March 2017, Vasco was promoted to Moderator the two weeks after getting promoted to Penguin Watch Captain.

North Guard

In June 2017, Vasco resigned from Moderator rank to become a North Guard, serving Hashir and his land when he was King of the North.

Northern Knight Captain

In July 2017, Vasco was promoted to Northern Captain Knight. It's currently unknown when Vasco resigned from this rank.

North Knight

Two weeks after Vasco's return, he was promoted to North Knight by iBlue, a King of the North. However, due to Knights rule, Vasco chose to serve Das instead of both North and Das, losing North Knight rank.

Das Knight

The day after Vasco got promoted to North Knight, he was also promoted to Das Knight but on his backup account Vascow by Rouge11, a Queen of Das. However, Vasco didn't retain the rank after Das Knights reset.

War Knight

When the war began, Vasco was promoted to War Knight on his alternative account, Varro. However, a few days later, Vasco stopped fighting once he died bravely on his Varro account.

Leaving OldCP Community

In January 2018, Vasco created an account on RCHQ forums to make a post of the truth, exposing himself as TerryDJ the whole time. It was also time for Vasco to leave OldCP Community formally.

Return of Vasco

In April 2020, Vasco made his return after 2 years. Upon logging in, he was crowded due to being missed. Vasco initially was just visiting, but he then decided to actually stay. Despite many users knowing the fact that Vasco is TerryDJ, he still prefers to talk like a cowboy and be called by his name, Vasco.


Aliases Vascow, Terry91, TerryDJ
Titles Penguin Watch Captain, Moderator, North Knight, Das Knight, War Knight
Gender Male
Related Flame