Royal Wedding of Damen Drake and Empress Chelsey

Note: Credit To Gamer For Creating The Photo (Gamer did not create the full thing he created just the photo for the article)

The third-ever DSGHQ Royal wedding took place on the 27th of September 2015, when Damen Drake Spike married Empress Chelsey Spike.


On September 19th of 2015, Damen Drake Spike announced on Forums in a post recalling about the wedding. This has happened due to the death at the war. Furthermore, Tennis Stag became the Emperor of DSGHQ for quite some time. In order for Damen Drake Spike to reclaim the throne back, he made this decision.

In his post, he exemplified the different roles for the wedding.

Priest: Wise Mico

Best Man: Emperor Tennis Stag

Flower Girl(s):

- SirSam
- Jilly
- DreamBurst
- Izzy555
- Adawg


- Cyberwolf
- Hashir
- Sriram
- Gamer
- Ghost


- Kara
- Sadie
- Mckinlee
- Princess DanceBear II
- Kricken


Before the marriage began, there was a pre-feast. It consisted of Mushroom Soup and loads of different varieties of courses. It was a merry day, and a lot coming ahead of us. As the feast was going, it was asked for us to speak in a more fancy manner, as we were (roleplay) lords and ladies of the realm whilst music played in the back, and all the users spoke of merry things to come that day!

Main Service

On September 27th of 2015, the wedding of Damen Drake and Spike and Chelsey Spike was held at the Throne Room at 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST. The main service was about eight minutes long.

Royal Feast

Right after the marriage, Damen Drake Spike and Chelsey Spike continued the celebration with a Royal Feast.


After a few minutes into the feast, Damen Drake Spike declared a Joust.

This short event took place at /jr knights. In the Joust, there were four rounds, including sword fighting and survival.


Sword Fighting

Sir Matthew vs. Ninjitsu Winner: Sir Matthew due to Ninjitsu's cowardliness and giving a horrible fight.

Sir Matthew vs. Sir George5562 Winner: Sir Matthew


Sir Matthew vs Cheep Winner: Cheep

Sir Tent vs SecurityGuy Winner: SecurityGuy

Royal Wedding of Damen Drake and Empress Chelsey

Date September 27, 2015
Location Throne Room
Hosted By Damen Drake Spike