In the Beginning

Danito is a user that speaks Spanish. He joined Penguin3D for first time because a youtuber that Danito followed uploaded a video of Penguin3D. This caught Danito's attention and one week after he watched that video, he decided to test the game.

Early Days on Penguin3D

Danito started his first day on Penguin3D on November 1st, 2018 with the name "DanitoDashRoyale." Being new, Danito couldn't even open the chat and needed a lot of help to continue progressing on Penguin3D, until he met his first friend In the game, a guy named EmmanuelC4D, a user that speaks Spanish too, and who taught him how to play Penguin3D. Emmanuel even told him how to open the chat and also gave Danito a sword (which he quickly lost). Danito kept getting more friends in Penguin3D, one of them was sananns18289 (Sananns). Danito met Sananns when he was about to forge a steel armor but Sananns quickly killed him, making Danito lose his ores for his future armor. Despite this, Danito decided to help Sananns in their mining.

Becoming a Criminal

When Danito met Sananns on Penguin3D, they both were very good friends. Sananns was a criminal who liked to murder innocents and escape from moderators. Danito decided to join Sananns and help him with his crimes.

Quitting Being a Criminal

Days later, when several people were in EmmanuelC4D's igloo, Danito was about to commit his next crime, murdering a new user named BoshiSinCapa. But Danito's attempt was a failure. After Boshi ran from Danito, Boshi said something to him, which made Danito regret and feel bad for his crimes. So Danito left the igloo, and found a moderator named turquito10. Turquito murdered Danito on the island and removed Danito's membership.

Danito kept getting more friends, like Zpheal, a nice and friendly person, he also met RoundGuitar, who was the most loved user on Penguin3D for his way of behaving, helping others and being a funny person. Danito got along well with RoundGuitar, they shared their ores with each other such as Radium and gold. RoundGuitar even shared his Radium armor with Danito, because of a glitch, which was already fixed. Sadly, RoundGuitar quit Penguin3D and now, there’s no sign of him anywhere. Danito also started being friends with turquito10! Danito reported every time someone broke the rules, Danito always thought that turquito10 was a good administrator...

First Rank

Turquito gave Danito a mission in exchange for giving Danito the rank of Knight. Danito's wish had always been to be promoted to a higher rank in Penguin3D, so Danito accepted the mission. This mission was to end the 3 killers that were walking around Penguin3D, killing anyone and scamming them. Days later, Danito finally fulfilled his mission. Turquito then made Danito an Imperial Knight of the Royal Empire.

The Loss of the First Rank

The day after after being hired, Danito and Boshi tried to kill a murderer who murdered an innocent, but the murderer ran from them. When Turquito realized that Danito could not kill the criminal, Turquito was disappointed, and decided to remove Danito's rank as Knight.

First time on OldCP

Danito wanted to meet Damen, so Danito found a user named Kace. Kace invited Danito to OldCP. Danito joined OldCP on August 12, 2019, named DanitoDR, and was warned on his first day for spamming snowballs. In those days, Danito didn't know that was a rule. Danito wanted to invite his friends Boshi, RoundGuitar, or Sananns, to OldCp but he realized that they had already played the game before Danito had. Danito liked OldCP for a few days, but he got bored as he couldn't do anything but just stand and watch his penguin, while other people talked and laughed.

The Anniversary that Went Wrong

On October 8, 2019, Penguin3D turned 1 year old. Danito was so excited, he thought it would be the best event that Penguin3D could ever have! Unfortunately for him it was not. A user attacked Danito, so he tried kill him in self-defense, but Danito accidentally ended up killing Brit, who was a moderator. When Turquito found out what Danito had done, he arrested and killed Danito. Danito begged Turquito to forgive him, but Turquito blocked him. Danito also asked Brit to explain to everyone that everything was an accident and Brit just ignored him. So Danito tried to explain to Damen what really happened, but Damen did not forgive him. So Danito spent the anniversary arrested while the others had fun, played, celebrated and took pictures. Danito was about to leave Penguin3D, but many of his friends supported him to stay.

Becoming a Moderator

Four months after Penguin3D's anniversary, Danito helped Damen with some Penguin3D translations. Damen was grateful to Danito and decided to hire him as a moderator. Danito was so happy that he was finally able to have this rank for the first time, and moderate with his friend Boshi. Danito was willing to moderate properly and be active.

Becoming Knight Captain

After Danito gained trust from the staff and Damen, Zpheal told Damen that Danito should be the next Knight Captain since Turquito10 had been demoted. Taking Zpheal's recommendation, Damen chose Danito to be the Penguin3D Knight Captain. Turquito10 asked Danito to make him knight, so he could make a clan named “Libertarian." Turquito told Danito, that clan was against Pythas. Danito wasn’t sure about making him Knight, but Sananns told Danito to do it, so Danito hired Turquito. After Turquito got the rank of moderator back, he betrayed Danito and kicked him from the clan, and became evil again. Danito was never going to trust Turquito again.

Become Knight on OldCp

Danito asked Tommo if he could receive training for knight, so Tom accepted and trained Danito. After training, Tommo hired Danito as an Imperial Knight.

Becoming an Administrator

On September 29, 2020, a famous YouTuber uploaded another Penguin3D video, a few minutes later Penguin3D got a lot of new users. The game reached 43 users! The next day, September 30th, Damen went on Penguin3D to hire more moderators. The new moderators were Kace and TerryDJ. But Penguin3D also needed an administrator who also spoke Spanish. Zpheal gave two options, BoshiSinCapa or Danito. It was then that Damen chose Danito as the new administrator!

Resigning from Knight Captain

Danito was done with getting a lot messages from people wanting to be a Knight. Sometimes they even angered him, since Danito did not agree with some of them being Knight. The users still continued to annoy him, so Danito thought that the best choice would be to step down from Knight Captain, so Danito resigned and transferred the rank to Boshi.


Danito disagreed about what the community had become. Suddenly he regretted joining OldCP because he thought that the community drama and toxicity increased. Due to this, Danito became rude and ended up being demoted for his actions.

Turning Evil

Boshi hired Danito to be an Imperial Knight, but after Zpheal turned evil and tried to kill Danito, Danito let out his anger, and resigned from Imperial Knight in Penguin3D and OldCP. Then, since he stopped being staff, Danito decided to be even worse than before, all out of revenge for how the community had treated him. Danito was so angry, he returned to the crimes he did in the old days with Sananns. Danito asked Sananns if he would join him and be as they once were, but Sananns took Danito as crazy and rejected him as Sananns had quit Penguin3D. So Danito thought that he could work alone, still, no one respected him, even the other evil ones were against Danito. But still, he continued with crimes. He was being mean to everyone, even with Penguin3D players that had nothing to do with it. Only Zpheal and Dice were the only ones who respected Danito, but they did not agree with his way of acting. Danito was so angry, he even betrayed Boshi and tried to get Boshi banned, but Danito failed and got warned for his actions.

Turned Back to Good

After Danito was rejected by Legion when Danito asked for a black key, Danito began to think that this was not the best choice for him. So Danito talked to some people to help him, they all told him that he should go back to being old Danito, the Danito who was good with people and was not toxic. So Danito felt bad, partially because not even the evil ones trusted him. Danito ended up sending Damen an apology and then apologized to the whole community. Most of the people forgave him but some did not, among those who did not forgive him, was Boshi...

Bad person again

Danito lasted just 1 week being good again, but he was still angry at people, so he tried to quit dsghq, but after some days after he tried it, he decided to come back to break the rules and make fun of other people, then Danito betrayed everyone else, even people who supported him (Dice, Zpheal) so he tried to get banned himself and he got it.

Turned back to good again

While Danito was banned, IslandOld was added to Penguin3D, then Danito felt nostalgia, it made him remind him his moments on 2018 - 2019 on Penguin3D, so Danito apologized to Damen again and asked for a new chance... Now, Danito has changed, he stopped trolling. He still dislikes some people but now he only ignores them. Some of his friends came back to Penguin3D (Sananns, Scubidupa) that made Danito feel even better.

Forums Moderator

Danito found out that forums administrators were looking for a spanish moderator, but Danito ignored it, and he told other people to apply. But after someone told him that he should apply for it, Danito did it, and he apologized to Rouge, since Danito disliked her. He was sure that he wasn't getting it, but Damen chose him to be the new forums moderator.

Evil again

This time everything was ok, Danito wasn't angry, but since Sananns became evil, Danito followed him, now Danito and Sananns are evils together.

Quitting evil

Danito decided to quit evil since Sananns also did, so Danito joined the forest and became gray, with Aule's help.

Becoming Penguin3D moderator again

After 9 months of being demoted on Penguin3D, Danito did not give up and tried it once more, and on November 14th 2021 2 new moderators were chosen, so Danito and Loki got moderator rank on Penguin3D! Danito has joined the Penguin3D staff once more!


Danito decided to resign from moderator 4 months after becoming moderator on Penguin3D and 8 months after becoming mod on forums, since he got problems with some staff members, he decided to resign so he wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. 2 weeks later, Danito was banned for tricking the rules.


Aliases DanitoDashRoyale,
Titles Former Moderator, Imperial Knight, Administrator
Gender Male