The Fangsworn

The Fangsworn are a group of evil vampires that worship Pythas. They are typically ruled over by a Fangsworn Lord.


The origin of the Fangsworn Vampires is uncertain as they have been around for much time. For awhile they were ruled over by Dendra, the Dog Lord. Under Dendra's orders the Fangsworn committed many evil acts until they rebelled against him. Eventually, they would be lead by Victor Sunderland and their home base would be built on Dorval. It was there that they built a Fangsworn Castle and courtyard. Much evil has gone on in and around the Fangsworn Castle since.

The Monk Monastery

The Monk Monastery, the place where many evil deeds have been committed by the hands of the Fangsworn.


The first time the Fangsworn raided the Monk Monastery was just after it had first been built. Some monks and scholars had just transported some ancient scrolls from the Blizzard college to the monastery to protect them from the pirates who had been invading the South. Shortly afterwards, a group of bandits called the Fangsworn raided the monastery and stole all of the scrolls. They also killed some of the monks who had been residing there. A forest clan from the North heard of the attack on the monastery and sent a group of highly skilled forest fighters to the monastery to protect the remaining monks. The Fangsworn bandits later returned and fought with the forest fighters who pursued them. In their pursuit of the Fangsworn, the forest fighters found that the scrolls had all been destroyed. The scrolls were ancient and valuable, the reason why the Fangsworn did not sell them for large sums of gold was unclear.


On the way back to the monastery, all the forest fighters came down with high fevers. At night they would sweat with incessant heat flushes and by day they would shiver from a bitter cold all around their bodies. When they arrived back to the monastery, the forest fighters found that the remaining monks had all been slayed and that their possessions were stolen. What happened to the forest fighters after this is uncertain, but it is rumored that the disease they contracted eventually lead to them becoming vampires themselves. The monastery was thus abandoned and became infested with Fangsworn.

Graves of the Blind Monks slain in the attacks.

Inhabiting the Monastery

Dendra's Visit

Under Dendra's command, the Fangsworn raised many evil hounds in the old monastery. Eventually, Dendra came to visit the monastery and to observe all the puppies that were being raised by the Fangsworn. Dendra was very pleased with what he saw. One hound in particular caught his eye, it was the runt of the litter and it had enchanting glowing purple eyes and fur that was described to be darker than the depths of the void. Dendra blessed this hound and it grew faster than the rest of the hounds. This hound would come to be known of as Skuggi.

Fangsworn Uprising

During Dendra's stay at the monastery, Dendra fed the Fangsworn Captain's son to Skuggi, which enraged the Captain greatly. The Captian and the Fangsworn thus rebelled against Dendra and attempted to kill him. The Fangsworn uprising was a lost cause though as Dendra had his hounds do all the fighting for him. All the rebellious Fangsworn were slayed as well as Dendra's favorite hound. The Fangsworn Captain had shot an arrow perfectly between the hound's eyes, thus greatly enraging Dendra and ending his rule over them.

The last written words of the Fangsworn Lord before the uprising, found in the Monk Monastery.

After the Uprising

After the Fangsworn Uprising, the vampires remained scattered for much time. Despite no longer being under Dendra's control, they remained evil and continued to worship Pythas. It is thought that they were united once again under Victor Sunderland, the old pirate captain who ruled Dorval. The Fangsworn thus infested Dorval and their population grew once again.

Evil on Dorval

One day, the Fangsworn Vampires would capture a very valuable hostage. This hostage was Orome, the Forest Lord.

Torturing Orome

Victor Sunderland offered to Pythas to allow the draconians to come to Dorval and participate in the torturing and killing of Orome. Thus, the Draconians came and were the first people to step foot on Dorval before its rediscovery by the South. Victor Sunderland and his wife hosted the torture party. They made Orome grant the draconians wishes and then proceeded with the torturing. The party was eventually raided by Gamer and everyone in the room was killed including Victor Sunderland and his wife. Only a couple draconians managed to escape death by fleeing the scene.

Fangsworn in South

Harkon and Malkus

Fangsworn Vampires were not seen for much time after the raid on the torture party. Eventually a couple by the names of Harkon and Malkus would come to the South. Malkus was rumored to be Alatar's father but he was eventually killed as he was thought to possess some very valuable items. Harkon was particularly cruel and went rogue after the death of his comrade. He attempted to murder all draconians that he saw despite being in the service of Pythas himself. Harkon was eventually killed by Loki during a cinema showing.

Fresh Blood

Later, a vampire by the name of Vampire would come to the south to meet privately with the draconians. Four draconians came to meet with him, these draconians were Orlock, Loki, Julian, and Lark. The vampire bit each one of them and the four each became vampires themselves.

Orlock, Loki, and Julian, three of the new vampires, in Fangsworn Castle on Dorval.


Dorval Wars

The Fangsworn would help fight in wars for Pythas several times. Most famously, they fought in the Dorval wars. The first time they were seen fighting in war was when Dorval was first discovered by the South. The Fangsworn were defeated and the South claimed Dorval. The Fangsworn would later war for Dorval again, but this time they were under Orlock's leadership as he had become the new Fangsworn Lord. The Fangsworn were successful in this war and they reclaimed their land.

Fangsworn pledging the allegiance to Orlock.

Dagor Dagorath

The Fangsworn also fought in Dagor Dagorath. The army was completely wiped out during this war and they were never seen again. Afterwards, Orlock would resign from being the Fangsworn Lord and passed the title on to Alatar.

The Fangsworn


Aliases Vampires, Fanged Ones
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