The Stag

Royal Legacy of The Stag


There were five brothers. The Stag and his brothers being The Hound, The Mountain, The Fire, and The Wolf. It's said he was born of the forest and raised by the Elk, only to be adopted by Glarthir years later. Glarthir found young Stag after an attack from the vicious Ice Ghost Army drove the few Elk from the isle of OldCP. Glarthir educated and trained Stag to be a smart, polite young man, as well as the ways of weaponry and how its powers center around natural balance. Glarthir's knowledge has made Stag one of the most cautious and skilled fighters the empire has ever known.

Work Within the Empire

Damen saw Stag's talents as use for his army as well as a much-needed connection between the Imperials and the Forest Boys. He and his brothers were all promoted to Royal Executioners, around the same ranking of a Warlord today. The Stag didn't speak much and was rarely seen, but was present at most major events like Prince Archie and Raindrop's Wedding. He disappeared for a period of time during 2014 and wasn't seen again until mid-2015.


The Stag returned in mid-2015 as an Imperial Knight with the sole purpose of competing in the Warlord Competition. He ran along the outside of the rink while the others slaughtered each other in combat. When all others but Sir Matthew and himself had fallen, he finally joined in combat. This battle was short-lived, however, as Stag surrendered knowing he was guaranteed death. The Stag was dishonored by the Emperor but remained a Knight, once again disappearing into his lonely void. He participated in a few small events related to the dismantlement of the Black Hand along with the Agency, Sir Matthew, and Roberto.


Much to Glarthir's dismay, Damen used his sons for various hazardous tests concerning rebirth and inheriting god-like powers. These tests were successful yet had negative side-affects in the essence that both objectives were completed on Stag and his brothers but it did greatly alter their personalities and give them a much darker, sinister complexion. This new state of thought made Stag see his acquaintance, Sir Matthew, as a target, and so he used his powers for the purpose of revenge and murdered the mighty Warlord with the single swing of his sword. The Stag was promoted to Warlord and the community watched as he slowly corrupted under the massive power, like his brother, The Hound, before him.

Slave to Snowfalls

Having taken complete control of the Djinn, Snowfalls harnessed Stag's powers and controlled him like a puppet for the rest of his days. He spoke of false prophesies and told tales about the nonexistent. Snowfalls had used Stag to his maximum capacity and it finally came time for his reign to end. She sent him on a death run, an unachievable goal to pry Glarthir's Gold Sword from Gamer's grimy hands. The objective failed and he was shot in the head as he finished his cycle and peered into the forest for the last time.

The Stag

Royal Executioner

Titles Knight, Warlord, Forest Boy, Royal Hand Guard
Gender Male
House Stags
Death August the 22nd 2015 - Slayed by Gamer and Sled after being possessed by Snowfalls
Related The Hound, The Mountain, The Fire, The Wolf, Damen, Gamer, Archie, Matthewvacc