War of Damensday

Events Leading Up to the War

When OldCP returned after being shut down for almost two months, signs of Ice Ghosts were scattered all over the island. A group of penguins called the Bandits have been living on the island and have been attacked by Ice Ghosts.

While many thought they were gone for good after the Queen of Ice Snowfalls and the King of Ice Raegon were shot, bandits revealed that while guns can kill regular Ice Ghosts, they can not kill Ice Lords, only fire can. An Ice Ghost was revealed to be hidden inside the vault in the throne room. The vault door opened and the letters: DD was on the wall.

After much speculation, an ice child named Nathaniel confirmed that DD meant DamensDay, a yearly event for Damen's birthday that occurs on December 14th. Nathaniel stated that DamensDay would be the day the Ice Ghosts attack and try to take over OldCP once and for all. Users were determined to not let that happen.

Throughout the week, Emperor Damen Spike did everything he can to make sure the users were prepared for the war. He gave trusted knights fire swords, the main weapon that would be used to kill Ice Lords, gave trusted moderators and detectives firearms, created a training room for users to practice, and created fire snowballs for regular users. Everyone was ready to defeat the Ice Ghosts, but it turned out a lot more deadly and dangerous than most imagined.

Death of Queen Snowfalls

Early in the afternoon for the UK and very early morning in the US, the war began. Snowfalls and her army arrived at the mountain, along with the revived old villain Mickey from the 2013 Disney war, now as an ice ghost.

Detective sergeant Bakon and sir Gamer were able to trap the two, Bakon shooting down Mickey and Gamer killing Snowfalls with his firesword. Unfortunately, king Raegon was angry at Gamer for killing the queen and sir Gamer lost his life trying to fight him.

Throughout the day, there were several deaths, some accidental, some killed by Raegon. The war would not be over until the King of Ice would fall.

Commander Uzu

In the evening, Raegon sent out the commander of the Ice Ghost army, Uzu, to take down the users. He was able to freeze Knight-Captain Bp28 and Royal Executioner Tennis, but Tennis, while still frozen, got out his sword and bravely took down commander Uzu.

Tennis was determined to save the DSGHQ and wanted to fight Raegon on his own, who was angrier than ever.

Final Battle

Raegon arrived at the throne room soon after. Raegon and Tennis got out their swords and fought. Users died, including one of the moderators, Toby, and Raegon was able to strike down Tennis, killing him.

He arrived at the mountain, and he and his army started killing many others, and burned Captain Bp28, almost killing him. Detective Inspector Hashir helped freeze off some of the users, and Raegon went to the town, the popular room.

He climbed the walls, attempting to kill the moderators, but Bp28, still stuck in the ice ghost costume stopped him and got hits on him, yet it would take a lot more for him to fall.

Raegon summoned Bp to a private room, the Forest, and the two had one final battle, Bp28 quickly got hit several times but was able to block his other hits. Raegon let his defense down, and Captain Bp used the opportunity to kill him. The King of Ice and all of the Ice Ghosts were dead forever!

After the War

Ice Child Glarthir appeared and gave up his own life to heal all of the users who died trying to protect the DSGHQ. Emperor Damen came on and hosted a royal feast, and praised Sir Gamer, Sir Tennis, and Sir Bp28 as champions. A session of gifts followed.

Gamer received moderator, Tennis was honored, and he and the others received the title: The Great, and Bp28 was named World Champion of the DSGHQ empire. The DSGHQ won, and December 14th is now recognized as the War of DamensDay.

War of Damensday


Date December 14, 2014 (Damens Day)
Location OldCP
Winner The DSGHQ