Wizards in Crimezone

There have been other kinds of wizards that have been spotted throughout DSGHQ History. There were three of which that were part of crimezone long ago.

Maelor the Blue

One was called Maelor the Blue. Maelor took on an apprentice (Willfred) and started training him to be a wizard. Maelor taught Willfred skills such as such as enlargement of the body, the shifting of forms, and the glow of blue. Maelor eventually became paranoid about the coming of other wizards. So Maelor attacked Adawg, claiming that he was a member of Pythas' draconians. Maelor was slain in his attack against Adawg.

Asitor the White

Asitor the white wizard, arrived to mourn Maelor after he had fallen. To help with the mourning Asitor took on his own apprentice, PenguinDSG. Eventually, Asitor was exposed to be a servant of Pythas, the very servant that had Maelor had gone mad searching for. Asitor thought he could outsmart Pythas but he eventually fell to the Skull Gang.

Arryn the Dark

Arryn may or may not have been a wizard at all, it is said that he was a mere Black Priest but he did possess magic. In fact, he studied dark magic. Arryn was the only evil wizard to be found at that time and he came mostly to bring doom upon the forest and its people. He even lit the forest on fire!

Arryn after lighting the forest on fire.

Wizard Rank

What Was a Wizard?

Wizard was an old rank on OldCp, which was ran by the Arch Wizard. Each wizard had a color associated with their name that they had to dress in with their wizard robes (ex. Layla the Peach would have to dress in Peach). Each wizard wielded a staff to use to do their magic through.

Wizards used white magic to do the works of Orome. They had to use this magic wisely and were not to abuse it. If a wizard was caught abusing his or her magic, they may be demoted or executed. Wizards also must not use dark magic, as this is a sign of EVIL. If a wizard is caught using dark magic, they would be demoted and executed.

Users could become wizards by being trained by an existing member of the Wizard Council.

What Could Wizards Do?

Wizards could do various magical things such as: teleportation, changing the color of their staff, heal users, gain speed, and much more!

Former Arch Wizards

SecurityGuy..........................Demoted for being a draconian
Julianhak.............................Demoted due to New Era
Orbay...................................Became King of Das

Former Wizards

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Julianhak the Green
Dancebear the Amber
Layla the Peach
Sabretooth the Sand Blue
Merlin the Red (Majorhalo's Wizard Alt)
Brit the Purple

Wizards Return

On October 16, 2021, Damen announced the return of the Wizard Rank and put up vacancy applications for both the rank of Arch Wizard and Wizard. These wizards reign on Penguin3D instead of OldCp under the title of Wizlock. On October 20, 2021 the new Arch Wizlock was named to be Willfred. He was allowed to choose up to three more Wizlocks to train.


There are four different kinds of wizlock, amethyst, frostice, radium, and vanadium. The Vanadium wizlock is allowed to be evil, the rest are not. Each type of wizlock gets a staff with the crystal that they represent.

Return of the Wizlocks, frostice staff and radium staff are visible.

Current Council

Arch Wizlock

Loki the Vanadium


Tasha the Amethyst
Little the Amethyst
Isaiah the Amethyst
Rouge the Frostice
Zpheal the Frostice
Fruitz the Radium

Former Council Members

Arch Wizlocks

Willfred the Frostice


Loki the Amethyst
Orlock the Radium
Alatar the Vanadium
Radaghast (Miromeski) the Radium


Wise Council Rank

Titles Arch Wizard, Wizard, Arch Wizlock, Wizlock