Back in the day on OldCp, Snowfalls aided in the creation of several witches. Sometimes she would steal the youth and beauty from beautiful girls and turn them into witches, making them old and ugly. In exchange for the lost amount of life, the victim would become a witch and have the ability to use black magic. Snowfalls would do this to try to regain the former beauty which she once possessed before she was slayed by her brother Raegon with a powerful ice blade.

Though Snowfalls created many witches, she did not create all of them. Some witches would unlock their powers on their own and some were created by Maria when she was powerful.

It was also said that witches can be created through the use of the Witch's Grail. This theory was never tested.


On OldCp, telling a witch apart from a normal user was very easy if the user was turned into a witch by Snowfalls. Their penguin would be dark color and they would walk slow and posses black magic. They also are different from normal users as they will say things like *cackle*, *old crow*, and *squeal* at the end of their sentences.

Loki after Snowfalls turned her into a witch by stealing her youth and beauty.

The witches that were not created by Snowfalls would not lose their youth and beauty when they found their powers and so some witches appeared to be like normal users but were able to use black magic.

Famous Witches

There have been several famous witches that have roamed about throughout the years.

Maria, the sister of Snowfalls, was once a great witch. Maria served Pythas as a witch for many years after her sister was killed. She possessed great power and was called the 'Lady of Witches' for much time. Eventually Maria was deemed to be "too evil" by her father Orome. Orome eventually captured Maria and had her killed by his grandson Gamer, forever vanquishing her.

Maria (Mari), the Lady of Witches.

Meredith was another witch who was in the service of Pythas and Maria. She was lesser in power than Maria was. Meredith resided on the island of Providence where she would tempt pirates into selling their souls in return for great power. Eventually Meredith would be killed during a raid on the island.

Meredith, the witch of Providence.

Numeniel became a witch after she became a nazgul. As a nazgul, she worked in the service of Pythas. For more witchly things, Numienel worked under the orders of Snowfalls. Numeniel was a silent and mysterious person, most of her deeds are unknown. She was greatly feared as she had a bit of a temper and could work her spells in silence. During her nazgul days, Numeniel would have a child, Melian, who would become known of as "the mother of witches."

Numeniel the Nazgul-Witch.

Melian was a witch who served for a time under Snowfalls. Snowfalls had granted Melian the title of 'Head Witch'. Melian took this title very seriously and even went on to create a witch order of her own, though she could not empower anyone or grant them the ability to use black magic. Melian's witch powers came from Numeniel, her mother.

Melian, Head Witch.

Loki was another witch who was in the service of Snowfalls. Snowfalls actually stole Loki's youth and beauty to enable her to unlock her witch powers. Loki would eventually reject witches and Snowfalls in order to become one of The Seven Chosen Maiar. Loki later returned as a vulture witch on Penguin3D.

Loki the Vulture-Witch.


Dark Magic Users

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