Forums Player of the Month

The Forums Player of the Month is a monthly competition for the most active user on the website.


During the month, the most active user bears the trophy on their name. At the end of the month, the most active user gets the POTM winner trophy badge.

True Time

From the month of May to the month of July 2020, the DSGHQ timer was counting some inactive seconds unintentionally and so over-read the true amount of time members spent on the forums. This was fixed in August 2020.

Winners (After True Time)

May 2021

1st)Sled [5d 14h 53m 12s
2nd) Majorhalo [3d 0h 51m 33s]
3rd) jaden [3d 8h 24m 33s]

April 2021

1st)Sled [3d 20h 43m 21s
2nd) KeplerTH [3d 0h 51m 33s]
3rd) Dice [2d 18h 1m 18s]

March 2021

1st)Sled [4d 2h 21m 16s]
2nd) KeplerTH [2d 13h 25m 47s]
3rd) Danito [2d 11h 15m 27s]

February 2021

1st)Sled [6d 4h 0m 2s]
2nd) Tommo [4d 12h 14m 29s]
3rd) Rouge [4d 1h 42m 47s]

January 2021

1st)Sled [16d 23h 22m 46s]
2nd) Kace [8d 9h 4m 1s]
3rd) Tommo [7h 5h 55m 32s]

December 2020

1st)Sled [16d 13h 48m 47s]
2nd) Tommo [12d 21h 51m 12s]
3rd) Miro [5d 5h 51m 9s]

November 2020

1st)CoffeeCow [12d 6h 54m 17s]
2nd) Sled [11d 10h 52m 17s]
3rd) nolimbs [6d 3h 38m 18s]

October 2020

1st)Sled [8d 5h 53m 47s]
2nd) CoffeeCow [6d 15h 17m 35s]
3rd) Akkar [6d 3h 38m 18s]

September 2020

1st)JeffOldCP [4d 10h 56m 14s]
2nd) Eivenrhawk [3d 19h 8m 2s]
3rd) Carly [3d 3h 44m 11s]

August 2020

1st)Dice [9d 18h 4m 26s]
2nd) Majorhalo [4d 1h 8m 53s]
3rd) EbonJaeger [3d 17h 54m 22s]

Winners (Before True Time)

May 2020

1st) Tom080 [15d 1h 18m 20s]
2nd) Harryrhawk [7d 11h 22m 33s]
3rd) Randy [7d 0h 41m 53s]

June 2020

1st)Tom080 [20d 15h 54m 31s]
2nd) candy [13d 18h 6m 51s]
3rd) EbonJaeger [11d 9h 18m 48s]

July 2020

1st)Tom080 [23d 11h 32m 45s]
2nd) Dice [14d 25h 25m 8s]
3rd) Kace [12d 16h 25m 23s]

Forums Player of the Month

Times Competition

Date May 2020 - Present
Hosted By TISSOT
Winner Tom080 (x3), Dice, Jeff, CoffeeCow, Sled (x7)

True Time Record 16d 23h 22m 46s
@Sled - January 2021