Joining Penguin3D

On August 20th, 2020, Foxel saw a video by AlecchiMan about a game called Penguin3D. Foxel decided to go and see for himself what it was about and created his first account, "Foxel7u7". Much like other users on Penguin3D, he ended up dying for the first time in the Drop Trap Caverns. Initially, he thought the death was forever so he created a second account called "Foxitoel7u7".

Early Days

Foxel's first friend was a user named Penguin777GG. Penguin777GG helped Foxel a lot in his first few days on Penguin3D. Eventually, Foxel forged an iron dagger and attacked Zeon. He ended up getting arrested for it, he did not know he could get arrested for attacking users. A man by the name of BoshiSinCapa released understood Foxel's situation and released him.

On October 5th, 2020, Foxel met AugustoJG, he was a nice guy and helped Foxel get Infernal Armor and helmet. AugustoJG has since left the game but Foxel will never forget always remember him and his kindness.

Meeting AugustoJG.

Earning Ranks

Imperial Knight

Foxel was trained for the rank of Imperial Knight by Boshi. The training consisted of ways to be a good knight and to always follow the rules of the game. On December 11th, 2020, Foxel was promoted to the rank of Imperial Knight.

Foxel promoted to Knight.


On February 6th, 2021, Foxel earned the rank of moderator on Penguin3D by winning Game of Mods. He remained as a moderator until March 15th, 2021 when he died forever in the Void and cussed to Danito on an alt over causing his permanent death. Two days later, Foxel was repromoted by Kace. Foxel was thankful when Damen removed killing in the void.

Stuck in the Void due to Danito.

Dabbling in Evil


On April 21st, 2021, Foxel was recruited to become a Draconian by Flame.

Being recruited to evil by Flame.


Foxel did not last long as a member of the draconians as he was fired from the draconian army for fighting on his own side to try to become King of Cobia, the date was May 5th, 2021.

Part of a conversation after being removed from the Draconian Order.

A New Name

On May 8th, 2021, Foxel created an account called Jevil. He had wanted a new account so that he could become OP and get more attention from crimezone.

Temporary Leave

On May 18th, 2021, Foxel quit Penguin3D briefly because he was bored of the game, the cz, and the toxic people. He did not leave for long though and was back within five days time.

Re-Earning Mod

On June 6th, 2021 Foxel, now known of as Jevil, was promoted to Moderator once again. This time it was not due to GOM though, P3D needed more moderators and so he wrote and application for the rank. On this date he also joined with Flame again, or more specifically, the Infernal Empire.


On July 21st, 2021, Rouge birthed Jevil.


On July 29th, 2021 Rouge became Empress, which made Foxel become royalty. He and his brother Eiven were thus given the title of Prince.

A Fateful Day

Top Dogg and a Death

On August 8th, 2021, Foxel was named to be the new Top Dogg of Providence as Zaron, the former warden of the land, was fired for betraying the Empire. On that same day, Foxel was vanquished by Pythas, but he was lucky and it was only his alt Jevii.

The vanquishing.


Eventually, it was prophecised that in order to make the skies on Providence turn from radioactive green to blue, the ruler must join with Aule. So Foxel changed his allegiance to be with Aule and Hahu, rather than Rouge. It was on this fateful day that Foxel lost Top Dogg and was disowned as Rouge was very displeased by his betrayal. Eventually, Rouge would accept Foxel into her family again.

His Father

One day in December 2021, Glarthir would come on Penguin3D. Foxel desired to know who is father is so he decided he would ask Glarthir if he knew. Glarthir looked into Foxel's eyes and he said he saw a strong but mysterious man dabbling in the fire arts meeting Rouge. He determined that was a vagabond, most likely ElVagabondo!


One day, Benedeth would log in and Foxel would go with his uncle Flame to meet with him in Baraddur Grub Hall. Benedeth demanded the two to leave Fire Nation and join the League of Powers. They both refused and so Benedeth pulled out the Trident of Doom and vanquished the two of them.

The vanquishing of Foxel.

Though his account was dead, this would not be the end of the line for Foxel, instead he would take on a new form.

The New Form

Foxel would take on the name of Abaddon. As Abaddon, he met with his father for the first time after finding out that ElVagaBondo was his father. Foxel asked his father to empower him but ElVagaBondo got angry and killed his son.

Abaddon being killed by his father.

Dragon Tails

One day Nook would log in to Penguin3D and Abaddon would meet with him. Nook looked into Abaddon's eyes and saw much. First he saw that Abaddon was one percent evil and that his true fate lied with being a grey. Second he saw that Abaddon had dragon blood.

After Abaddon took on his new dragon form, Nook had everyone who was present bless him so that he may stay good and not fall victim to the temptations of evil and Fire Nation.

Growing Darkness

Crimezone set on Foxel a big amount of damage multiplier so he could fight dragons (around 1000 damage per hit). On March 2022 he killed RaymondCorrupt because RaymondCorrupt didn't stop attacking Foxel so he only hit him three times and died. Also, a declared war by Fire Nation to Stone Isle happened that same day but Foxel accidentally killed half of the forest with his OP range fire which was glitched in that time. So he became black and he needed a rebirth to cast away his darkness. He would be soon rebirthed into "Adam".

Losing Faith

Since Orome died and the forest became inactive, Foxel lost his faith on the good side so he joined evil.

The Son

On 14th December, 2022 "an angel" (The Son) asked Wilf to tell Foxel that they wanted to meet Foxel that same day but nobody came.

Vanquishing (again)

On 27th december, Spike gave The Grond to Foxel to fight Orbay so he could become the strongest evil in Arda. One day later, Flame says that The Grond is his and the crimezone stole it from his chest but he would not give it back so Flame take it vanquishing his own nephew. Foxel quit for around two weeks.

Scary Name?

Foxel would create a new account called as "Creeping Death". Some people have said that this name makes Foxel look scariest than ever.

Getting Back Dragon Form

On 20th february 2023, Foxel stole a strength stone from Spike and he told him "I will give you back the stone if you give me dragon form". Spike gave him his dragon form but it was a scam since Foxel already used the strength stone. He was cursed by Spike with slowness.


Son of Sun

Aliases Foxel7u7, Jevil, Abaddon, Adam, CreepingDeath, Foxgoth
Titles Former Prince, Former Top Dogg, Former Moderator, Imperial Knight, Dark Lord
Gender Male
Birthday 26th December 2007
House Solaris
Related Rouge, ElVagabondo, Flame